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Oct 5, 2003
Saratoga Lake, NY
I haven't done much to my LC as of yet. No tune up, or fluid changes, etc...Just a new radiator and hoses.
No time and to many toys to put $$$ into at the moment. But it has been very reliable so far, and I love driving it. I drove 8 k miles in almost 4 months,and I work out of my house!
Anyway, after reading posts the last couple of days I am reading up on tune up procedures. This makes sense- do a diagnostic check with a code reader or scan tool before even buying plugs, wires,etc. Check for vac leaks, egr problems, even voltage variations...
I found a web site alldata.com that has recall info. and about 80 service bulletins for a 94 FZJ that I would love to get my hands on.
Is anyone a subscriber to alldata???
Does anyone have access to these service bulletins?
I have AllData Pro. It's got all the TSBs. Almost all of them are things like "be careful washing the carpet under the drivers seat or you will soak the alarm module" "proper tire inflation technique" etc. I've posted the relevant ones before, but if you're really interested I can go get 'em again.

Oh, and there is no recall info.
No thanks Todd. As long as you guys are all over it I'm sure the related info. has been discussed.

>> ... do a diagnostic check with a code reader or scan tool before even buying plugs <<

I wouldn't recommend buying a code reader for this purpose. You can get some tune-up information from the OBD-II system but yours is pre-OBD. Even if it were OBD-II there wouldn't be enough information to justify the purchase just to get a digital reading on the RPM's, coolant temp, etc.

It is a good idea to check the resistance on the plug wires using a DVM before buying new ones. If they're in spec, then they are good and there is no reason to replace them. You may be referring to another automotive diagnostic tool for checking for vacuum leaks, timing, and other engine functions.

Beowulf, your right. No point in buying a code reader. I guess I am trying to pre-maintain.

Curious about your opinion: I checked the resistance on my spark plug wires about a month ago. Ranged from 7 kohm (No.1) up to 18 kohm (No. 6). Toyota indicates any over 15 kohm "cause for replacement" and to replace any over 25 kohm. I haven't worried to much about it to this point, but I appreciate your opinion. You think it's really necessary to replace at this point (No. 5 and No. 6 over 15 kohm).

My 94 service manual only lists the maximum resistance at 25k ohms. These are resistance wires so the longer the wire the higher the resistance. Your readings are normal.

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