Tucson this Friday night

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Mar 16, 2003
Olympia, WA
Sorry it has taken me a while to finally post this, but to be honest, I thought I already had.

Let's try to kick things off this Friday night, the 8th, at 7:30 pm. We will meet in the parking lot of S&D Auto Supply at 4897 E. Speedway. This is just East of Swan on the North side of the street. Techinally it is at the corner of Speedway and Arcadia.

I don't really have anything planned at all other than to give people a chance to meet each other fact to face.

I plan on being there a little early, so look for an FJ40 in the parking lot if you have any trouble finding the place.

This is exactly how the Sonic Cruise started out. No plans. Just some people who promised to be there. It's worked so far. :beer:
Tucson meet

I'll be there! Earl
Beautiful!!! This my friends brings a GIANT grin to my face!

I am actually in Tucson today for work. I will also be here on the 21st 22nd and 25th if anyone wants to hook up for lunch one of those days.
Good te hear you guys are planning on getting active down in Tucson. I will be back in Tucson in the middle of may and can't wait to get the cruiser out on the trail. Please keep me informed of any future events.
I can't make it this Friday, maybe next time.

BMAN, would you want to take Fj60 his free set of leaf springs and shackles, etc. tonight? I could bring them to the spot and give them to you guys. Either way I think I will cruise out to the spot tonight. Let me know and I will load them up.
1.5 hours until the get together. I hope that there is a decent turnout.

Looking forward to meeting everyone.

I just caught your post. I was actually in town yesterday (thurs). If you wanted to drop the springs at my shop sometime when your over near the 10 and Miracle Mile that'd be cool. I'm not there most of the time being that I'm based in Phoenix but I try to get down there once or twice a month. I'll be there on the 22nd and 25th of April.
It was great meeting those that came out last night. Small turnout, but hopefully we will get more next time.

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