Transmission swap question

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Mar 1, 2006
Question I will get to the point.
Will an 1989 FJ62 auto tranny with case fit into 1986 HJ60 auto. So gas tranny into a 6cyl diesel.
Torque convertor and valve body will be different. If you can swap them from the HJ, then I suppose they aren't an issue.
Actually, according to Stone's thread, Sheldon bolted the torque convertor right up. Valve body/shifting points will be a mess. Stone is putting a 12H-T into an 80 series using the existing A440 tranny (3F-E). They don't want to change trannies so Stone can keep the full time T-case. This is similar to what I want to do, only with a 5 speed. Eventually I'd like a 12H-T --> H55F --> 2H (auto) split case into a 62 to make an HJ-62.
Maybe I should rephrase that, my understanding is the the TQ stall speed and VB shift points are different between the 3FE version and 2H version. I would expect a straight swap to change the driving character of the truck, and not for the better.
I'm with ya there, with Stone's truck it's a 3F-e/12H-T, at least they are close hp/torque wise. I believe a call to Rodney in Aus. would take care of the TC and valve body problems + have a tranny that's bullet proof.
My hj60 needs a t-case. Can't find a used one anywhere and am to lazy to overhaul. I guess it's time to overhaul.
Thanks for the info
I picked up a t-case rebuild kit from EBI a couple of weeks ago. Took about 8-9 hours to do. Hardest part was cleaning all the parts. Pressing the bearings is also a PIA.
Rebuild the Tcase you have.
Here’s a link to a video we put together a few years ago:


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