transmission shift timing

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Apr 5, 2008
93 w/ 159k. I have noticed that when pulling away from stop that the vehicle has no 'get up and go'. I have to mash the gas pedal for it to accelerate and the trans will not shift until 3000 rpm.

I also noticed that the 'D' light does not illuminate when putting the car into drive.

I checked trans fluid level and is ok. I have replaced and adjusted the gas pedal cable and the throttle cable from the transmission to the throttle. The trans still is shifting the same..
The 'D' light is probably burnt out. Does your O/D off light come on when you take it out of O/D? If this light is burnt out also, it may be trying to post a tranny code that you just can't see. Your fluid level may be ok, but what color is it and does it smell burnt? Have you been using the rig to tow or other heavy duty?
The O/D light works. When I did the throttle cable the trans fluid was not burnt. I have not been using my vehicle to tow, but i go up into the rocky mountains in it frequently. I also noticed when going uphill the transmission will 'hunt' for the gears.

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