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Aug 1, 2017
Seattle, WA
Hey all,

Was hoping one of the great mud folks could give me some advice. I was driving my 93 cruiser today when it started making some terrible vibrations while accelerating. I checked out this thread Drive Shaft PM and Drive Train Troubleshooting- For FAQ and got under the car. There is oil all over the place by the transfer case (see pics). I think it's leaking somewhere. Gonna try to get some more fluid and top it off and see if that resolves the issue. That might prove that it is a leak but it wouldn't fix it.

A couple questions:
1) I don't have my FSM (currently out in Montana for some camping), could someone tell me the torque for the fill plug on the transfer case?

2) Per this thread: DIY Transfer Case Fluid Change How-To
it seems like 75w90 gear oil is the way to go but this is for a 100 series. Is this still the best for an 80 series with 306k?

3) If it is a leak, would it be feasible to drive this back home to Seattle, stopping every now and then to top off the fluid so I can have more space and tools to work on the issue or do I need to take it to a mechanic out here?

4) How bad is it to drive on with low t-case oil?

5) Anything else it could be that I'm just missing?

Thanks for all your help
Jul 9, 2012
South KC
If it’s making noise it could be a bearing leading to wobble and seal leaking. Fill to see what it’s doing but Possibly pull the front Shaft and lock center Diff might be the best thing to do.
Nov 9, 2012
Olathe, KS, USA
Top off your oil in the tcase. I don't have the manual on my phone to confirm oil type.

I would only be worried about that leak if you fill it , run it, and it's leaking out in a stream.

That appears to be a weeping seal and is not life threatening.

Tighten the fill plug until it is snug, then snug just a bit more, maybe 1/16 turn. It doesn't have to be really tight. Just gutensnug.

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