Transfer case interlock pin?

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Oct 27, 2003
I am rebuliding my duel transfercase set-up, putting 4.70 in the rear. I thought I would treat myself to a twin stick at the same time. The problem is Marlin is out of stock on twin stick and does not have a date when I can get one (I am on the list). I don't really want to pull the T-case out again to install the twin stick.
Why can't I just leave the interlock pin out when I reassemble the unit? I think all it does is prevent you from shifting to 2wd low. Anyone out ther tried this. (I did a search and came up empty).
I know on the 40 style T case you just modify the shift plate to eliminate the shift interlock, this just seems like the same deal to me.

thank in advance for the help
Should be fine, it's really just a safety measure I think..... So you can't mess up the shift fork configuration... with out the inter lock pin, you could go from 4hi to 2low by shifting both forks at once with the shifter in the middle instead of one side or the other.... But as long as you know what is going on down there, it shouldn't be a problem.
Have you checked with Front Range Off-Road to see if they have any available? I have one from them and it works well.
Sky Mfg also sells twin stick kits.

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