Trailer harness & blown fuses


Feb 16, 2004
Behind the bar
I was going to Title this thread: Major CM carnage :crybaby:

I just couldn't do it to y'all. :)

LexusBen and I (and a few others) were "competing" on the sand dune up on Poison Spider Mesa. We were racing across the flat, then flying (literally) up the dune to see who could get more air. :eek: :D

MAN, WHAT A BLAST! :bounce::bounce::bounce: I bottomed out the suspension on all four corners, then launched 6000 pounds of steel airborne. (I saw at least one good picture -- hopefully someone will post it up.)

LexusBen ripped off his bumper (not for the first time). I had no apparent injuries.

At the next stop, I parked with my front wheels about 1 foot from the abyss, put the transmission in park, set the ebrake. Then sanity hit and I remembered I had 2 of my kidlettes and 2 ride-alongs with me :eek:. I spotted a safer parking spot, took the ebrake off, and tried to shift out of park -- NO GO.

Did a bunch of checking and couldn't locate the source of the problem, but someone noted that the brake lights weren't working. In the interest of moving the truck, I jammed a pen in to release the NSS. This allowed me to reverse back from the edge and park more sanely. :)

I checked fuses, and kept blowing the brake fuse. Per Corsair23's suggestion, I checked the trailer harness. It (and the entire bumper) was jammed full of damp sand (from the dune). Knocked most of the sand out of the plug by banging it on the cross member. That solved the fuse-blowage problem. Or so I thought.

Later in the afternoon, someone noted that my turn signals weren't working. Replaced that fuse, too.

On the way home from CM last night, I got pulled over by a Colorado Highway Patrol: No running lights (I had noticed no dash lights, but ignored it). Fortunately, he gave me a warning. I drove to the next town with my hazards on, and replaced another fuse.

A little wet sand in the trailer connector blew 3 fuses: 15A Tail (which also controls the backlighting on the dash), 10A Stop, and 7.5A Turn.

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