Track bar adjustment question

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Jun 14, 2013
Sandy Utah area
Question about trackbar length and alignment. I just put on a dobinson front trackbar (apparently they are trackbars in the front and panhards in the rear...) - rather I had someone do it because I didn't want to. They didn't do a GREAT job centering it and its offset passenger a little less than an inch (2 1/2 inches hub to flare PS, 3 3/8 hub to flare DS). I was planning on taking it back to have them recenter it and align the drag link for steering wheel angle, but I noticed something driving it around that moving it had a positive side effect. It used to be that the spring would hit the metal bump stop mount hard and loud when I was compressing both front springs hard (mostly DS, but PS side as well). Now it doesn't because of the way the springs and towers line up. I still need to get it aligned because my steering wheel is nearly 90 degrees offset right, but is there a reason to have them re-center properly? I assume they centered it on the rack, as the dobison required you to take off the link to adjust it. I've never had rubbing with a 50 mm lift and 33's so I don't think that will be a problem, but I haven't maxed it out yet either. Is there an allignement or tracking issue? tire wear? crabbing?

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