TPS sensor issue ?

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Sep 29, 2009
So my 4runner has had a power problem for awhile as she is really gutless. So I took my rig to my local dealership and they pulled teh check engine code that relates to the TPS sensor. So they say well it might need to be adjusted or it may need to be replaced. I didn't have the funds at that time to do it so I left it as is. They basically said that they want to adjust the valves, time the truck and either adjust or replace the TPS sensor. They even agreed the the truck was gutless. So fast forward to the other day when a friend was helping me out on a few projects and he said my truck has a slight miss. So I finally get some time to look in to all this and it seems like it could very well be my TPS sensor causing all the issues.

So I did the test on the tps sensor like they prescribe to do in the FSM and all the test passed except for test two. Test two states the Ohm resistance should be 2.3k. Well when I perform test two I don't get any reading at all.

Any thoughts guys???
Indeed I did because on test 4 my tester went all the way up to 7k before it hit the overload.

How hard is it to adjust the TPS sensor when installing it ?

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