TPMS Sensor reset

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Aug 12, 2019
Hello, 2013 GX owner with a first time issue. Had a leak, TPMS alert, filled with air, TPMS goes off. Took it to the dealer, patched a small leak, now the TPMS alert/light will not go off. It went off previously once it was up to spec on air, now it stays on. Despite my best internet searching, no luck resetting it. all tires are sufficiently inflated (spare also). There is no glove box button or reset button under the driver's side dash, etc. My OCD is driving me crazy with the light (solid, not blinking by the way). Thanks!
Another option is to check the air pressure in your spare tire. There are five (5) TPMS sensors, one for every tire on your rig (including spare). A low spare with set it off.
He did mention spare though

"all tires are sufficiently inflated (spare also). There is no glove box "
Ha-ha-ha! Missed that one! :hillbilly:
Thanks all!!! Yep, the spare is not the issue, all tires at 32PSI. checked that and checked again.

Thanks for the links....another thought (I am lazy), would any of the code readers at Advance or similar tell me anything? Or, how about finding and pulling the fuse associated with TMPS to cause a "reset?"

Thanks again everyone!
If there is a fault detected it will come back.

I can't speak for the reader at parts stores... in past most seem to be generic OBD which won't read the extended Toyota/Lexus code areas that TPMS resides in.
I have an Autel TPMS scanner and can do diagnostics, I'm located in NoVa.. (Could also be at the monthly Capitol LC Mtgs..)
FWIW, Sensor batteries (sealed) typically last around ~10 years.
I've had to upload sensor IDs after they been 'forgotten' by the ECU.
I finally had sensors swapped in a few years back on another vehicle at 11 years with new tires as felt they were close to dying. I swap in winters every year so TPMS gets reprogrammed twice a year on my 460 with TS.

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