Toyota Tundra Rock Warrior Wheels fit on a 91 LC?

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Nov 11, 2017
Durango, CO
Hey all! Just bought my first Land Cruiser today :):):):) and VERY excited to get building!

Needs new tires and I found a set of Toyota Tundra Rock Warrior Wheels with BFG 285/17/17's on them via Craigslist.

Anyone know if these will fit before I make the drive?

The tundra rock warriors won't fit. They are 5 lug whereas your 1991 will be 6 lug. There are some super rare 6 lug rock warriors are out there but they came on 4runners.
Thanks for the reply!

Question...when looking for wheels am I only looking out for the number of lugs or bolt pattern? How do I know if wheels will fit?
Running stock size tires up to about 35"'s you want a Toyota/Chevy 6 lug on 5.5" w/ 4.5" backspacing. Since yours in a '91 a 15" or 16"+ wheel should work.
I have a 91 and I used FJ cruiser wheels. The offset isn't perfect, but with 1/2" spacers, they are fine. You can usually find them pretty cheap on CL. I like the simpler look for our older rigs.
106mm center bore.

Also, if you are 100% sure they are toyota wheels, if they have 6 bolts, they'll fit.

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