Vendor Toyota PTO gearbox, misc

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Everything but the PTO on the right and the long driveshaft . Still want to sell as a group. Will post prices when parting out.
Parting out. Prices plus shipping.

Fairlead, has different bolts on it. $125

Winch head and spool . Has broken mounts, pieces are included for repair. $300

Shifter $150 SOLD

PTO, operates smoothly. In good shape. $350

Pillow block, does rotate. Would recommend new bearing and seal $225 SOLD

PTO gear , new $85 SOLD

Side winch support $175

Side winch support, handle broken $100

Shifter, has gate lock, homemade $150

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Kevos, did you have the wedges?
is the PTO gear for a 3 or 4 speed?
@kevos37 I still have my winch completely disassembled and media blasted. I just need to have the stress cracks on the feet brazed by a pro. Someday I will get to it. :frown:
Good to hear you are still pecking away at it.
Price me the two curved guards……..

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