Toyota Parts Zone?

Aug 31, 2008
What I am seeing is this..Toyota Motor Sales America has forced all parts providers within the United States to remove their illustrations under their "Intellectual Property" clause. It is the same for toyodiy and all the others.

It has gone as far as them blocking the images even if you use an outside-offshore source to view them, and even has it now so that even if you use your vin it won't work, but they keep a log of your vin and use it to profile customers.

If someone wants the EPC, they need to either go to their dealership and buy the CD, or onto, buy the access, downlaod whatever they need, and save it away.


I spent some $ and got the one for the vehicles I have and will say I use it more than the online stuff, and can access it whenever I need, as long as I'm around the cd.

The "Test Drive" for it is here:

If you need a rare part or just want a specific one, just pm Cdan in here.
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