Towing bass boat with 100 series

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Blue Phoenix, the Tundra option is the last one I'd pick. My bad experience with the LX570 hasn't soured my opinion of them to the point I wouldn't buy another one. Most 200 series are at the top of my budget but a nice 100 series isn't too far behind around here. I'm not in a huge rush but hoping the right one will show up soon.
A newer Tundra is hands down going to tow better than a 100. The 200s are great for towing but if it's a tow pig I'd go Tundra every time.

I like towing my boat with my 100, but I'm only going shirt distances at no more than 60. A newer Tundra would run all day at 75 with no complaints.
I'm super impressed that your temps stayed in the 190s for the test. I suppose ambient temp being very low helped, but I would have expected to kiss 200 in mine doing the same thing.
I have installed a brand new shroud, rad, fan, and clutch when I installed the SC. I also put some Water Wetter in. I've towed a bit in the heat of summer but usually don't see more than 205 at the absolute highest.

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