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Sep 25, 2005
Finally got new suspension and tires. I ordered the 4 inch HFS lift kit from Torfab in Everett Washington and had Torfab do the install. I would have liked to to have done the lift myself, but just don't have time with work and family life. I then put new BF Goodwrich KO 33x10.5x15 tires on and love the combination. This is the second time I have had work done by Tor and will continue to go back. It's still a little bouncy, but tons better than before with 40 year old suspension.




Bouncy? Tires look overinflated. Common problem. Do a thread search on tire pressure and contact patch and invest in a quality tire gauge if you don't already own one.

How about a close up on those shackles? I had an instance a few years ago with a customer complaining about ride quality. Discovered incompatible shackles and springs from HFS that literally bound the wrap of the spring into the shackle gusset. Talk about a stiff ride!
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Those tires look perfect, just the right amount of tread. Nice burly look with that lift. I now see what 65swb45 is talking about. I'd be curious what your pressure is and what pressure other folks run those at.
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My guess is your rear springs and shocks are darn near as stiff as your fronts, they shouldn't be (heavy engine/empty bed). Rear springs should have one less leaf than fronts, rear shocks should be the softest valving money can buy.
Looks good. I really like that tire/wheel combo, it's the look I plan on going with for mine.

As for Torfab, hopefully they will be doing some work for me in the not so distant future, depending on my budget of course.

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