May 28, 2002
I have been searching...

I am thinking about going to 36" tires. I have a 2F/SM420/3spd and 4.11 diffs. Does anyone run this combination? I have done the math and am looking for real world experience. How are the road manners in high range 4th gear? Will I tax the engine too much for short (<100 miles) trips?


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Oct 1, 2003
Ran that combo with 33's, 35's and 38's on and off road, since '94. Should be fine. I still use the engine, trans and t-case, but upgraded to 4:88's when I built my Dana 60's, and now I run 42's. Still goes down the road no problem. I put at least 2000 on road miles on it this year...

The fourth gear in your 420 is 1:1, which is the same as the top gear in the USA Toyota four-speed, and three-speed, and non-USA Toyota four-speed. Some people complain about the large rpm drop between third and fourth. It did not seem to be that big of a deal to me. Granted, climing long hills, as I did many times out west, did not get the truck out of third, and sometimes second, but the improvement off road can not be beat. First trip to the Hills in '93, I had a three-speed trans, read NO GEARS, and it was a learning expierence, to say the least. Was back out there in '94 with the 420, was night and day difference.Best gearing mod a person can make.


Power steering #1
Real off road gearing#2(not just 4:88 for the axles)
Warn 8274 winch#3
Some sort of Locker#4(I run ARB's)

And I am sure the list goes on, but that is the order that I did things..

Good luck!

May 28, 2002

I have power steering, ARBs and now the 420. Hopefully the winch will not be too long away.

I really like the low range gearing, but I am sure I will have it on the road some.

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