Tire recomendations for 07 GX470

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BFG AT KO2s are the new hotness. I have Duratracs and love them.

Stock, you can get a bit bigger, but I think 265 are about it without a lift...not much experience there.
The only 17 I see for the KO2 is LT275/70R17/E 121 R, which is going to be too big for stock.
For a good all terrain, check out Nitto Terra Grappler, Falken Wildpeak AT, Cooper Discoverer series
Cooper Discoverer AT3. Has great reviews for performance and value.
will a 265/70r17 fit? I hear a lot of good things about the wildpeak at's. But I do like the new bfg at ko2's, I might put those on my 80...
A 265/70/17 should fit. My last set of Wildpeaks ran for 65k miles and now my friends running em, great tread life, quiet, and awesome traction offroad
I had Rocky Mountains (same tire, IIRC) on my Tacoma. Great tire.
I'm running 265/70/17 Duratracs on FJC 6-spoke wheels (8" wide, lower offset), they fit perfectly with zero rubbing, but that could be due to the difference in wheel specs. If I had to do it over again, I'd do the same tire in stock size as this truck never leaves the road, and the bigger size hurt the gearing for towing a double skidoo trailer.
If you never leave the road, why are you running Duratracs?

They are the absolute best in the winter conditions we deal with nearly half the year, and are a generally excellent tire. Why not run them? They are an AT tire, that does it all.
Makes sense; I didn't see your location. I was picturing you driving around on dry pavement with Duratracs.

I have them also, but I'm offroad a fair amount.
ImageUploadedByIH8MUD Forum1422686629.596960.jpg

On display at my local Costco today.
Doh! ^ Just realized our stock GX rims are 17s not 16s like in the Costco BFG pic I posted above. Idiot!
If you want taller, a skinnier width might work. I am running Hankook Dynapro ATm in 255/75R17 on stock suspension, which is roughly 32x10.50. I've lost <.5 mpg adjusted for tire size (I manually track every fillup on a spreadsheet), but they are quite good onroad and for light/easy trail work. Wifey didn't even complain about noise, they are quiet and ride & handle well. Very happy with them so far, and grateful for the little extra height.............
KO2s are coming out with more sizes in a few months if you can hold of for that long... I couldnt, and went with the Cooper ATPs. The AT3s are supposed to be awsome and the ATPs are the more agressive looking version of them. Ive had them on for some 4000kms and like them. Real good off road, got them on 265/70/17 on my lifted 08 4Runner.

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