tire chains

Apr 10, 2003
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so its that time of year again and this year I'm really thinking about getting some chains. My question is has anyone ever made ther own it does not seem that difficult. :D ??? Also when running tire pressures in the teens do the chains have a tendancy to slipp off if you get a little wild with your right foot. As always, all comments welcome, any experience accepted. :D :D
Jan 22, 2003
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Most of the good chains have a little bar welded on each of the traction links. Now that sounds like a MAJOR unfun PITA. Then you would also have to open, then close EVERY connecting link????
I mean sounds like a lot of work, unless you think it might be fun.
Also, I air down to put chains on, but air them up again after install. You do not want chains loose or slipping around on you.
Happy Thanksgiving
Ed Long :)

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