Throttle positioner switch. Free+shipping

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Aug 9, 2012
Silverton, OR
United States
I hate throwing stuff away, especially fj55 related. I don't think it works but it may have some good pieces if anyone wants it. Just pay shipping and I'll send it your way.


Throttle positioner switch? In a 55? Don't think there was one...that looks sorta like an A/C switch.
Weird, I swear I saw something on a throttle positioner/control switch. I had a 78 with AC and no switch like this in the rig. Any other ideas?
Well I can't seem to find what I thought I saw before. It does appear to have a copper line coming off one side now that I look again. I'll repost in the regular section and see what comes of it.
Have the same in a 76 that appears to have the good parts of the AC stripped, but it's been explained that is the rheostat.

Don't happen to have everything else that goes with it, by chance?
It came out of a 78...which is weird because my first pig had AC and it was one these systems yet didnt have any switch like this on the dash.

We're there multiple control systems for the late 55's?
No problem. I think I have everything I need for the AC system I'm putting in and no need for the extra rheostat. It's good you guys ID'd it because it confirms my suspicion that this was originally an AC rig. donated?

Sorry Delancy, the only part that is still on the rig was that rheostat and the firewall coupler for the coolant lines. They didn't even leave me the bracket so I'm accumulating the pieces to build a new AC system and I've managed to snag the factory under dash components. If I find anything else when I tear apart the remaining gear under the dash then I may have some spare parts. Who knows? Maybe there's still an evaporator unit under there, I am not familiar with the dealer installed units and my first one had a factory unit so I don't know if my system is a non-AC stock one or not.

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