Throttle cable to linkage kit?

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Aug 27, 2009
Going from a Motorcraft carb back to a stock carb. 12/74 model with cable throttle and the Aisan is a 77 (I believe) with the rod type linkage. I'm sure this is a common problem and yes I have searched. Or would it be easier to switch the Aisan to cable? Any help or suggestions appreciated.
12/74 carb would not have had a throttle cable...

09/73 was the start of mechanical carburetor linkage opposed to the cable systems used on the earlier trucks....

Anybody know what years would be compatible? There's one on ebay thats for later year models. Anybody know if that would fit a 12/74 model?
You can convert a linkage carb to a cable carb. It's not that hard. Uses the 70-73 fj40 throttle cable (31") a Lokar swivel cable end and a couple fabbed up brackets. Doing it this wayt you can use just about any stock carb for a 2f work. Including the FJ6o carbs. Though you will need a spacer for the FJ 60 carbs.

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