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Jan 17, 2009
So after many recent trips with the family and extended family... Packed in the cruiser... I found myself saying "man I really need a third row!". So I have decided I am willing to forego the utility of the wagon "bed" and get to work on a third row.

I wanted to see if there are any other 60 owners who have gone down this road?

What I am thinking so far:

Since I have lexus buckets up front, I can somehow get the old 60 front seats to fit in the second row as "captain chairs". Then get the bench to fit in the rear facing forward.

Welding will be required ;)

What do you guys think?

If you have pics of your third row 60 post up please.

Cheers to a guinness extra stout

Steve at put a bench from an lj71 in the back of his hj61. Fit perfectly.

I'd try for something like that so you done have to change the main bench.
I had a rear bench seat from a k5 I believe in my 1st cruiser. It was actually designed to be easily removed when needed. Had a local welder build me a rail that I bolted into the cargo floor and the seat attached to it. Will have to track down some pics.

Current cruiser I have a bucket seat installed in the cargo area. This way I still have some room for storage etc. We have 4 kids so the extra seat was a must. It is bolted to 4"square steel tubing. I am right at six feet and can sit in it. No it is not extremely comfy but if you and a bunch of friends are out wheeling who cares.

This setup is fj40 long jumpseats. Would require a little fabbing but looks awesome. I wanted to do this but my wife was concerned about side impacts. The blue seat is from the k5. It sat on top of the brackets that were fabbed up via hooks. Once hooked it would not come up. There was a release handle on the back of the seat. The good was that it was removal. The bad is that it was heavy and the bracket is always attached to the floor. The pic with my daughter is my current setup. Works great just needs some minor tweeking. As you can see in the pic I still have room for stuff in the cargo area. I have installed a drawer system since this pic.

third row seat.jpg

Thanks gimpy, that gives me some ideas. I like those 40 jumpseats alot.

my concern about two benches is access... thats why I'm thinking buckets in the mid. row, then bench in back. I really want everything to be forward facing if possible.

Keep it coming guys!
second row seats will undoubtedly use factory three point seat belt anchors. Third row may or may not have seat belts, undecided on that.

Shoot I remember days as a kid spending hours on long road trips in the back of the station wagon... there were no seat belts. Not saying its right...just trying justify my own stupidity :)

Third row will be for "in a pinch" seating. I'd like to make it easily removable as well.
sitting sideways the danger isn't getting hit from the side, its being rear ended or front end collision. Being sideways and only in a lap belt gives a lot of spinal injuries. I liked the idea of doing this too for my cruiser, but the risks are too high to have very bad injuries. There are Oz reports on such risks. This has been discussed on here before too.
I'd mount a seat facing aft. And have head rests on it too. So if you get in a front end collision there is no risk of necks being wrenched. I'd also try to have shoulder belts. I found you need a bench from something that is 60/40, then only use the 60 side. The bottom will almost have to be on the ground, and the leg room will be stretched out.
I'd go for something like this..
Well, I should have taken some basic measurements before opening my mouth... Buckets Wil no fit in the second row. The oe 60 seats are about 22" wide... The opening between the wheel wells is about 42". So no go on that idea.

I really like the jump seats... Hell just one side would suffice.

Pondering how hard it would be to fab a folding seat up. Doesn't seem hard. Few hinges, some tube, some padding and upholstery. Badda bing Badda boom!

What do the factory jump seats cost if you can find them?
Depends on the shape. Seen $150 up to $400.
I have a Suzuki Samurai bench seat in the cargo area as a third seat. It is offset to the drivers side and centered front-to-back. So, I can seat two kids with lap belts, and still have some cargo space in the back and on the side. I also welded 4" legs so that gives me a little room to store tools, cables, etc., under the seat. I drilled the floor and used 3/8" nuts/bolts & some big washers from the underside to secure it. Gas tank was off so it was no problem to bolt on. I will try to get some pictures later tonight...
Take a look at the jumpseats for sale in the diesel/jdm parts section. I also just want one side, specifically for driving with a bunch of kids, family, etc off road to a couple of mountain lakes. Safety is not a big concern, but I also wouldn't use it on the road. I haven't sat in a rear facing bench since I was a kid - is it nausea inducing?
I agree. Do one side, preferably something that can fold up when not in use so things can be placed in back. Now I want this!
3rd row is going to suck(for normal humans) unless you have a high roof, even then I would only consider it for temporary or emergency use.

a Rubbermaid Action Packer works just fine in a pinch

sure we have all seen the troop carrier type set up........great for the 3rd world army's where the troops truly are expendable. Or other locals where the average life expectancy is is far from a concern ;)

here is OEM 3rd row with a standard roof
when I had my '71 FJ40, it had a Bestop rear bench seat that folded forward. I suspect it will fit, as the 62 is bigger?
I'm sure I have a pic somewhere on Mud of my rear bench, or you can google Bestop ... Good luck. Post up pics of your install.

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