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Oct 12, 2003
Middleburg, Florida
When I bought this Crusier it had the positioning rod for the PS third row seat leg/locking mechanism disconnected. With the hook end of the rod disconnected, it was allowed to swing down freely under the seat when attempting to lock the seat in the down position. Apparently, at some point in the past, the seat was place in the down position with the positioning rod being 180 degrees from its normal position. This bent the leg/locking mechanism and broke the plastic trim cove. The plastic cover has a 1 x1 in notch broken out of it, and now with the rod hooked up, the seat leg/locking mechanism will not position correctly to lock the seat to the floor.

What do you suggest to fix the bent leg/locking mechanism so the seat will lock to the floor, and where can I get a cheap plastic trim cover?
Aug 8, 2003
The leg/locking mechanism merely pushes the latching feet into position as the seat comes down into the usable position for seating. If bent, it will not push the feet far enough.

Look at where the locking bar attaches to the hinge area. You'll note that it's a clip, not permenently attached. If you lift the seat almost back up to the folded position, you can hit the locking bar near this clip and easily pop it loose. Then you can manually position the locking feet while dropping the seat firmly in place (keep fingers clear, obviously).

Not sure how you'd fix that other than seeing if CDan can order rod separately, but this will secure the seat for travel when you need it.



Dec 13, 2002
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I take my seats out pretty regularly and those POS rods broke a long time ago. They would swing and rattle when the seats were up and get caught and bend when I was putting the seats down. I took em off and just manually put the feet perpendicuar to the seat bottom before I put the seat down, like doug sez.
Mar 28, 2003
Gulf Coast
CDan hooked me up with the same part you need (plastic cover). I use a wire tie to keep the rod seated correctly, FWIW.

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