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Aug 9, 2005
Decatur, Ga
78 FJ40

I am replacing the lower waterhouse housing for the thermostat. My stock peice has two places on the side of the lower housing where two temperature sensors attach to. I bought a replacement from CC, and the new peice does not have these two temperature sensors outlets. It say that the new one is for '65 through '79. I called a Toyo parts department and they had the same part number as this new part that I have. This tells me that this new peice will work just fine. Will it, even though I would have a place to hook up the temperature sensors?

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Jan 30, 2003
Western WA
The thermo sensors are for emissions. If you still have your emissions system hooked up and operating, you need the sensors in the thermo housing. If your emissions system is removed/not functional, you don't need the sensors and the new housing will work just fine.

1978 California trucks certainly had those sensors. I don't know if 1978 Federal trucks did or not. I believe that 1979 and later 2Fs had them. You have to be careful when ordering this part, as there are several versions of the lower housing. Do you have the oil cooler? Is this a CA truck? C-Dan can help you get the correct version for your truck.
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