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Apr 8, 2005
Does any one have any experience with the Dream time series? Is it worth the extra money? Do you all have a preference?
I had never owned a Thermarest, so when I found myself in Kanab, UT 2 years ago w/o a foam pad, I bought one of the "basecamp" models. I was very disappointed to find that the suface is so slippery that if you're sleeping on any amount of incline, you tend to slide off the pad. Lame. Find something that's not slippery.
I've owned the same Therma-rest for 22 years, and it's still good. Back in the day they had a metal valve, that I replaced 10 or more years ago with the plastic (current) valve. They are a bit slippery, but unlike every other product for sleeping on the ground, they actually work, and they last a long time. I think the newer ones I bought the last few years have a grippy almost rubberized surface which has solved the sliding problem.

There are a huge number of new models in different thicknesses and lengths, but I've slept on the same 1 inch thick pad in every place and condition you can imagine and it's been just fine. A therma rest is one of those great products you can buy and use for years and never think about, kind of like a Land Cruiser. Two big thumbs up.
I feel that Therm-A-Rests are WAY over rated.
They are good pads, but they are not worth the extra money you pay for them.

I have been using ridge rests for years. $20 a piece, light, comfy, and you never have to worry abut a puncture.
I own two ,one utra light long - for back packing -- LOVE IT , for backbacking only. Then a smaller one which is not full lenght. SUCKS>

For car camping I have the queen size air colman ! Love it... After a long bike ride or a day on the trail. You can beat it. You just have to have a large tent.
MEC does ship to the USA.... However, there are certain items that they are not allowed to distribute to the good old US of A....

Do a Google and I am sure you will find many distributors south of the 49th....

Once again I think it is a great mattress....
i found some local. I am going to ride up and take a look tonight. They carry a few different brands so I will check them out then.
I have several, from ultralite to luxury thickness. Me and my friends affectionatly call them Therma-flats after a few of us have had unpleasant surprises while setting up camp, in the dark, and finding new pin-holes in the mattress...etc... I'm pretty sure it was not a nice nites sleep.

As far as car camping and rafting go tho, my luxury is a spare now and I use a Super Paco Pad from Jacks Plastic & Welding.

If weight is no concern, and if you want long term durability and comfort, these really cant be beat. They typically get used to insulate coolers from heat on summer desert rafting trips as well..

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