"THE RED TIDE" build up

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Mar 6, 2006
This is my build up thred for "The Red Tide" :grinpimp:

figured id start a build thread of my own for the new 80

What better place to star then to name the truck, your all probably wondering how this truck got its name well when Rick and I went to buy the truck off its owner i asked him if it had a name since they had owned it since it was new, he replied "AppleLucy" I replied "oh what a cool name ill use that too" later on On or way to pick up the truck at Toyota we were joking how Corney the name was an Rick just blurted out "How about The Red Tide" Perfect! :cheers:

for those of you who live under a rock and dont know what red tide is...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_tide:grinpimp:

first step on the build was to get the axles sand blasted and ready for some paint...
Cool name.

No offense, but shouldn't you take all that stuff apart before sandblasting it? Seems like now it's gonna have sand crammed in all the "nooks and crannies".
Cool name.

No offense, but shouldn't you take all that stuff apart before sandblasting it? Seems like now it's gonna have sand crammed in all the "nooks and crannies".

i was thinking the same thing:) i plan to do an axle rebuild on the front just wanted to keep the contamination to a minimum so i just left everything on. The rear is sealed up tite so no worries there, also plan on rebuilding the front and rear breaks
I hate red tide. literally, not your truck. that stuff gets in your suit and in places nothing should be able to get into. intersting name for a cruiser though I guess thats what cruiser projects do.
Hey Nat, with all these toys your acquiring you must be working two jobs?
Why not stick with only 2 and sell me the suspension out of that one......
Nice to see projects on the horizon.....save some time 4 WHEEL'N :cool:

kinda am working to jobs:grinpimp: whats funding all this is the truck im building for filmpros that and im parting out my 93 80 and my 4runner so I can fund the 94 80 and the 96 80. yah i have a cruiser addiction, please help me by donating money to my sickness:D

going on that april trip next week going to get some early wheeling in this year
Looks like you are off to a good start Nat. How much did it cost to have the axle sand blasted?
spent some time today trying to find out while the truck is int getting fuel after checking the fusees fusible links alternator i decided to get rid of the alarm and the rest of the not need wiring, all i have to say is WTF pic explains it all:D
is that the alarm wiring? I really want to pull my alarm out but it is so matrixed in there I don't know where to start.

alarm, sound system, phone system bla bla bla swing by Boston some time i will help you rip that crap out not all that hard
ended up jumping the fuel pump + and got the truck started drove it around the block drove well sounded great only thing left to mess with is the EFI relay most likely my problem:cool:
I've got that extra relay in the box and have time to swing by. You are responsible for my motor and hope you realize you break it you rebuild it!

eh engines fine! hey found out if you drop it into low range put the transmission into 1st and get er up to 60mph she sounds like a M1 Abrams tank:flipoff2: see yah sunday
pulled the engine out of the 93 today and brought it over to Ricks so we can start rebuilding it, turn it into a ob2 and slam er in to the 96. ohh let the fun beguine:D
who is he kiddin, nats the one who wants it pink!
at least i dont want the dink:flipoff2:

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