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Jul 25, 2021
South Dakota
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Status update! Still in the disassembly stage. Removed rear doors and the top today! Honestly, I do not think that top was ever removed. With prying it and enough elbow grease (& WD40), I was able to wiggle the side panels off. This gave a better view of all the rust spots that need to be repaired. I found a website called "cruiser corps" and it looks like they make have some rock solid entire quarter panel replacements, a rear sill, and door rocker panels (interior and exterior they have, but I'm confident I only need an exterior door rocker panels from what I can see, but you never know). If you have recommendations where to purchase replacement parts, please let me know.

Now, likely moving to the removal of the hood, front fenders, windshield/windshield frame... unbolting the body from frame/or removing engine/trans... Still need to brainstorm.

To note, I worked on the front brake drums to see if I could break them free. The brake drums are rusted on really well. I torched them a ton and took a 4lb sledge to it repeatedly. When I popped off the outer flange I am able to rotate the front draft shaft so I know it has something to do with the brakes locking up. :mad:

Will keep the this build thread up to date as I go! Thanks for taking a look.





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