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Aug 6, 2021
Washington State
Ruby is back on the road!! I reached a milestone on my project today, so I wanted to thank everyone who helped this last year. I bought my first '40 last July. A nice running, original 1980. I decided to make it more capable and reliable so I could run around my old haunts this summer. I'm very nearly ready (below is a list of everything I have done to it).

I couldn't have done this without the help and encouragement I received from this community! In particular, I'd like to thank the following:

Nick Casten at Torfab: You got me started and made some perfect initial suggestions.
Kurt and crew at CruiserOutfitters
Dave Gore at 4Plus
Georg and crew at CruiserBrothers
Justin Reese for advice and parts!
Lee Peterson for FSMs
Jack Mitchell at Redding 4x4 for the parts and advice on my Warn 8274 rebuild

And last but not least, my buddy Richard Ochs who makes it all fun and shares my automotive pursuits!



Here is what I have done so far (since July):

2.5" OME heavy Lift springs, bushings, and shackles.
New OME shocks and stearing damper.
Tightened stearing.
All new rod ends and stearing linkage (except drag link).
Set toe in at 1/8" in.
4plus U bolt flip kit front and rear
16" FJCo alum wheels and 33" BFG KO tires
6deg axle shims front (for caster) and rear (for pinion angle).
New Matsuba U joints and balanced drive lines front and rear.
Rebuilt brakes front and rear. Rear drums turned.
Rebuilt axle housings front and rear with remote breathers and new brake lines.
Rebuilt Knuckles (twice)
Rebuilt Diffs w/Arb lockers front and rear. New ring and pinion in rear.
Arb single compressor on board with custom wiring harness and custom mounting bracket.
Tuffy center console installed with custom switch plate for lockers and winch. Added internal cigarette lighter receiver to support charging devices inside the console.
Rebuilt and installed vintage Warn 8274 with Albright contactors and new motor.
HFS front cross member for 8274.
Fabricated a custom battery bracket with BlueSea switch for winch and circuits for compressor.
Northstar battery.
Rebuilt fuse block to add power for new center console switches.
4Plus carrier out back with 4Plus tail light guards.
Rebuilt tail lights.
New motor mounts.
New radiator and cap.
New fuel pump and filter, replaced most fuel lines including vaper separator lines to tank.
New fuel filler cap.
New water pump.
New thermostat.
All new water hoses.
New Heater control valve.
Rebuilt heater with tanked and flow/pressure tested core.
Rebuilt heater blower.
All LED cab lights.
Fixed carb cooler fan (reflowed the solder in the controller and replaced the relay).
New air filter.
Carb cleaned (in place).
Throttle linkage rebuilt.
Replaced filter on vacuum regulator.
New engine oil and filter.
Replaced trans and TC oil.
Replaced steering gear oil.
New plugs and wires.
New belts.
Replaced dome light wiring through drivers A pillar.
Replaced two missing exhaust bolts to carb flange.
Tools, Recovery, and Spares package in vintage (craftsman) tool boxes.
Where in Washington? I saw one on the road down here in Olympia yesterday that could have been the twin to yours.
Looking forward to seeing you in my neck of the woods. ;)


Great to see you’re on the road. :cheers:
Thanks... I love Victoria!

In that case, drop me a line next time you’re here… :D

Almost all my neighbours hate me so it would be nice to meet a friendly face. Last weekend there was supposed to be a neighbourhood garage sale & we even rented a snow cone machine for my son (& friends) to sell snow cones. It ended up being rainy on the 15th. Everyone else canceled, but we went ahead (mostly for the kids). His friends never showed up… and only one person (& adult son) from a block away stoped in.

It has really left me with a warm fuzzy feeling about my neighbours. If their kid was selling lemonade I’d buy a cup… :D But only the one family.


BTW, my 8274 made for a great support line for the one side of the 16x20 blue roof. Unfortunately the combination of using the winch to spool the line in & out, and the kill solenoid being on for a couple days was too much for the battery alone. I ended up needing to recharge it to get it running again (even though it read 12v).

Anyway, enough of my birching… back to the regular scheduled programming.
Yeah, neighbors ain't what the used to be huh?? Will look you up if I get up to Victoria. Almost bid on a car from a guy up there this year...
Yeah, neighbors ain't what the used to be huh?? Will look you up if I get up to Victoria. Almost bid on a car from a guy up there this year...

I’ve got many better friends here on mud than most of the people I know in person. I've gone out of my way for so many people, but when the tables are turned they are nowhere to be found.

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