For Sale Texas: 2004 Chevy Z71 Extended Cab

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I recently accepted a new job that requires me to move. I will not have space anymore for all my old vehicles and also need to generate cash for down payment on house.

I am likely going to sell 3 to 5 vehicles. I will post more details, photos, and pricing this weekend. If you are seriously interested shoot me a PM and I will work on getting your more details:

2004 Chevy Z71, 231K, White, Rides and drives, daily driver, rebuilt transmission in 2021 with 2 years warranty remaining, new radiator, thermostat, water pump, and tires in few months. Vehicle has been in my family since for last 200K, well maintained, normal wear and tear for age

2001 LX470, 156K, Grey/green, Rides and drives great, new Toyota alternator, some paint fading but overall looks good, 2nd owner

1995 LC, 160K miles, White, rides and drives fine, some exterior dings and scrapes, paint overall good, a few interior things need fixed - nothing major I will list when I get the pics up.

1994 LC, 203K miles (not running), Blue, I used some body parts for the 1995 above but all major mechanical items appear to be with vehicle

1968 Mustang Coupe, Maroon, Auto, interior restored, exterior in good shape, paint in good shape, not a show car but overall looks good, disc brakes, upgraded transmission to AOD and rear gears, exhaust, seat belts, too much to list here. Engine runs but needs tune up from sitting for too long.

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