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May 4, 2006
Hey Mac,

I knew I saw a rhd troopy on 119th, twice. I couldn't figure out if it was an HJ47 or FJ45, I don't know as much about the history as I should. Very cool, I'm just down the block.

(Sorry for the chit chat mods :D)
Apr 25, 2009
Overland Park KS
Thanks for the welcome. I'd love to catch up and officially join the group. Unfortunately I will be at my place in Big Horn, MT trying to catch a few trout over Memorial day (not all bad).
Let me know what the offiical entry into Tornado Alley Crusier's requires. I'd like to get on board.
Yep, probably me on 119th. I blow the pipes out once a week or so. The serial #'s says she is an FJ45. Word is it was an ambulance Down Under and has the bright orange paint under the dune to prove it. I don't know much more about the history than that. It's an H now with a turbo glide and plenty of opportunity to clean her up.

Mac Plymale
Jul 10, 2007
Olathe, Kansas

saw you and the FJ45 over on black bob a few weeks back. The wife was in the 4runner with me and asked what kind of Land cruiser is that (impressed that she even knew it was a Land Cruiser) I told her it was a very "COOL" land cruiser :)

anyway very nice FJ/HG and welcome to MUD and Kansas!!!!
Mar 8, 2011
KC, MO Area (again)
ASI H8 – Rob Ellmaker

My name is James R. Ellmaker. I go by Rob, or whatever else ya want to call me. I’m in the process of relocating from Odessa to the Jefferson City area done relocating. Wife, kids and I are planted in Oak Grove. I’ve been married to Christy for over 16 years now. We have two beautiful kids, Madilyn 12yo, and Parker 9yo. My interests include, but not limited to, my wife and kids, tinkering (with the kids, when they want to join), the GREAT outdoors (camping, hunting, fishing, shooting). I started wheeling a Suzuki Samurai when Eric Jobe convinced me to join a group of TAC members heading to Disney, OK. I’ve been addicted ever since.

Rigs: I got to many. Modifications for Toyotas listed below. I won’t bore you with the Suzuki stuff.
97 FJ80 Land Cruiser, CE – Bought for the wife because, “We need a third row.”
68 or 69 FJ40 with a 2F and 4spd swap.
95 Toyota 4Runner – Traded my 2005 Harley Davidson for this.
87 Suzuki Samurai – Received this in trade for something. Don’t remember what.
81 Suzuki LJ80v – Got this in a package deal

About your truck(s): Again, only going to bore you with the Toyotas.

97 FJ80 Land Cruiser CE
Tires – 285/75 r16 MTs

95 Toyota 4Runner - Up for sale Traded for a FJ40
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May 6, 2018
Springfield, IL
Taco16Jessy -Jessica Sutton
  • 2016 Toyota Tacome Offroad package in Blazing Blue Pearl. DCSB
  • no suspension upgrades. 33" 255/85r16 Cooper St Maxx's out on at 30k. Stock rear locker, and rear diff breather relocation.
  • Interior Enhancements: Wet Okole seat covers, blacked out chrome with vinyl, LED interior lights, Weather Tech Mats
  • Exterior/Armor Modifications: 4x innovation sliders DOM with kick out. Pelfrybilt front and mid skid to be installed soon. Plastidiped wheels because I'm cheap. Custom car grills mesh insert.
I live in Springfield Illinois these days, but that is temporary. Born, raised, and recently moved from Eureka Missouri. 27 yrs old, Single, no kids; but I have a very demanding cat. Interests outside of wheeling include traveling to and exploring new places, photography, metal/rock and some country music and going to concerts. I own 2 pistols and enjoy the range. And of course anything to do with the great outdoors.

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