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Nov 14, 2004
Kansas City, Missouri
TAC Member Bio's posting format

TAC Member Bio's posting format

1. This should not have Chat. It should truly be individual Bio's. Feel free to start up another thread within our TAC community forum about someone or there rig if you like, but we would like to keep this thread as clean as possible.

2. The title to your post should be your MUD username with a dash then your name "only if you want".

3. Introduce yourself i.e; place you live, family, hobbies, what you do, etc... what ever you feel like telling us.

4 . Tell us about your truck(s)
  • Year, make and model
  • Drivetrain (engine, lockers, gears, tranny, etc:
    [*]Suspension/Lift, Wheels/tires:
    [*]Interior Enhancements:
    [*]Exterior/Armor Modifications:

5. Then post up some pictures of your truck(s)

Add anything else you feel is worthy of noting.

Nov 14, 2004
Kansas City, Missouri
zjz4476 - Zane Zwerenz

Hello, name is Zane Zwerenz. I live in Lee's Summit, MO.; have a beautiful wife (Cheryl) and two children; a very handsome 3 year old boy and a cute little 1 year old girl. I have enjoyed the cruiser life for almost 9 years now. I will be the first to admit that I don’t get out that often, but when I do I enjoy every minute of it!

I work at Sprint in Overland Park and have for 10 years this June!

The first cruiser I purchased was a 1978 FJ40. I have since sold it. My most recent rig is my 1997 40th Anniversary FZJ80

My wife drives a 2007 Hummer H3 that she clames is much cooler than my 80. I can with out a doubt say she is wrong about at least one thing.. ha..;)

So here is a little about my truck.

Year Make and Model:
  • 1997 40th Anv. Toyota LandCruiser FZJ80
DriveTrain (engine, lockers, gears, tranny, etc.)
  • Factory Front and Rear Lockers
  • Center Diff Locking Switch
  • 7-pin Mod
  • Diff Breathers
  • Safari Snorkle
Suspension/Lift, Wheels/tires:
  • 851/860 OME Medium Lift
  • N73 OME front shocks, N74E Rear Shocks
  • 1 inch Mr. Gasket front spacers
  • OME Caster Correction
  • 285/75/16 Toyo Open Country MT's
Interior Enhancements:
  • Custom Storage Solution
  • Drivers Side OEM Grab Bar
  • OEM Fog Light Switch
  • Mini CB located in Ashtray Space
Exterior/Armor Modifications:
  • Winch Mountable ARB Bull Bar
  • Custom Rear Tire Carrier on OEM bumper
  • Hella 5000 fog lights
  • Custom made Sliders
  • Custom made T-Case skid plate
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Sep 21, 2005
Olathe, KS
DuManchu - Andrew Booth

I'm Andrew Booth and I live in Olathe, KS (south suburb of KC) with my wonderful wife Kasey. I have a ton of hobbies but mostly into electronics, wrenching, and camping (although I don't really get to camp that much, I still love it).

Year, Make, and Model:
  • 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80
  • 4.5 Liter 1FZ-FE Inline 6
  • Factory FR and RR E-Lockers
  • Stock Gears, Tranny, and T-Case
Suspension Lift, Wheels/Tires:
  • Stock suspension with 1.5" aluminum spacers up front for now (got some OME 850/851's you can part with? :D )
  • 285/75/16 BFGoodrich AT's
  • Stock FZJ80 16x8 Wheels
Interior Enhancements:
  • Removed 3rd row seating
  • Installed CDL switch
  • Extra 12v outlets installed in side of shifter console with switched fuse block
  • Cobra 18WXSTII in-dash CB
  • Cheapo Sony CD player with front AUX in for iPod
  • Replaced crappy OEM front speakers with some shallow Pioneer 5-1/4's
  • Removed dash speakers
  • Rotted leather seats and water stains from pesky leaks

Exterior/Armor Modifications:
  • TJM T15 steel winch bullbar
  • FireStik FireFly 4ft CB antenna mounted on bullbar with foldover
  • 150W KC Daylighters
  • "N.T. Outback" Australian license plate covering winch hole on bullbar
  • Removed roof rack and running boards
  • Added OEM mud flaps
  • Repaired rust bubble on back hatch very poorly (but at least its not rusty anymore :D )

As it sits today

Crossing Peru Creek in Colorado

Coming down Storm Mountain in Colorado, running from rain and a mudbath :D
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Jan 10, 2006
toyotology - Alex Gingles

Year Make and Model:
  • 1985 Toyota Hilux LN68
DriveTrain (engine, lockers, gears, tranny, etc.)

- 2L-T Turbo Diesel
- hi-pinion elocker front, elocker rear
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Sep 30, 2004
Fargo, ND
eyezlee - Matt Isley

They call me Matt Isley. My wife (Kaylin) and I have 2 ½ 4yr old daughter (Hannah) and a 1/4yr old son (Jacob). Frequently I can be seen exiting a public place of business with one of the three four of us kicking and screaming as I carry them under my arm.;p Those with young kids feel my pain.

This is my 3rd 4th year here in Topeka, KS. Currently I work for the “state”; I’ll leave it at that.:eek: I spend my weekends doing home improvements (budget permitting) and family time. The last few years my free time has come at a premium but I still have hobbies which include (in no particular order): Mountain biking, camping, hiking, cruisers and other Toyota trivia :cool: , computers, and most recently 80’s era Mercedes Benz’s.

Currently I’m without a real trail rig.:crybaby: I have two cruisers, a ’96 fzj80 which my wife drives '78 FJ40 which no one drives and an ’87 fj60 that is serving as weekend work truck/light duty trail rig. Of all the cars I’ve owned the ’60 is my favorite. I am almost embarrassed to post my boring rigs...

Year Make and Model:

  • 1996 Toyota LandCruiser FZJ80'78 FJ40
DriveTrain (engine, lockers, gears, tranny, etc.)

  • Factory Front and Rear Lockers Axles
  • 167 74K caught up on PM items currently and runs like a topcrap
Suspension/Lift, Wheels/tires:

  • 265/75/16225/75/15 continental street1980' snow treads on stock rims
Interior Enhancements:

  • Scion no stereo waiting to go in
Exterior/Armor Modifications:

  • At one point it was flareless but not now (I like the “UN” the '40 look – she doesn’t)
  • Bone stock save for the PO’s home brew hitch with weathering steel protection

Year Make and Model:

  • 1987 Toyota LandCruiser FJ60
DriveTrain (engine, lockers, gears, tranny, etc.)

  • Aussie locker for the rear (just purchased) installed!
  • Stock 4 speed and t-case
  • 235K not caught up on PM items currently and still runs like a top
Suspension/Lift, Wheels/tires:

  • 285/75/16 Goodyear MT/R’s on Tacoma rims
  • Stock springsOME Dakar coming soon
Interior Enhancements:

  • Sony cd player with a knob
  • New carpet
Exterior/Armor Modifications:

  • Rust
  • Drawtite hitch
  • ARB front bumper

Other cars I own or have owned:

  • '08 Toyota Corolla (her DD/our commuter car)
  • '07 Toyota Tacoma (my DD/ lawn clipping hauler)
  • '96 Toyota FZJ80 (sold to buy taco)
  • ’85 Mercedes Benz 190D (sold to buy corolla)
  • ’87 Toyota Supra turbo (In storage)
  • ’92 Toyota pickup regular cab long bed (deeply missed)
  • ’85 Toyota pickup extended cab (trashed when I got it: parted out)
  • ’97 Dodge Intrepid (sold this to buy my ’60)
  • ’00 Nissan Maxima (sold to buy my house)
  • ’97 Nissan Maxima (sold to buy newer maxima)
  • ’91 chevy lumina (died but put up a fight)
  • ’87 olds cutlass (died)
  • ’84 chevy celebrity (my first car—didn’t last long)

  1. my '80 at flatnasty (Buckru in background)
  2. my '60 at tuttle creek (pic taken by bob G.)
  3. my previous trail rig at Iron Range ORV park, Gilbert MN
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Sep 13, 2003
Wichita, KS
Name’s Kris Holt, I reside in Wichita with my :princess: Wendy. I’m currently working in Quality Assurance for Hawker Beechcraft Services (formally Raytheon Aircraft Services) at Wichita's Mid-Continent Airport. My hobbies include this money pit, motorcycles, geocaching and other stuff to a lesser extent.

What got me involved in Land Cruisers was a CJ-7 :)whoops:) I had in college. It was a nightmare mechanically but nice looking, sort of a polished turd. At any rate I sold that and quickly ended up with a ’74 40 series that I took to school in Denver. I drove the wheels off that thing and aside from the drum brakes the only thing that was any issue was an oil leak coming from the fuel pump. All the while living in CO I always thought it would be awesome to have one of the new fangled, mega $$$ 80 series mall Cruisers. So after putting 50k miles on it in just over two years I had to sell my ‘74 as it wasn’t practical as a daily driver in Minneapolis. Fast forward to January 2004, I got into an accident and my truck was totaled. I started looking for another truck and then it dawned on me that the 80’s were now affordable. I found a one owner ’94 not far from my dad’s in NY and the rest is history. Let’s get on with the important stuff.

1994 80 Series Land CruiserSuspension
  • OME 2.5 Heavy, 1” Mr. Gasket spacers in front, OME shocks (all subject to change soon)
  • 285 Kumho MTs with ceramic beads to balance tires
  • Clarion head unit with Sirius satellite radio
  • Pioneer speakers
  • Uniden CB
  • SPA Technique transmission/coolant digital temp gauge
  • Aux fuse block mounted below the center console
  • Garmin Streetpilot 2720 GPS
  • Georges LEDs in the map light and overhead lights
  • Additional LEDs in the rear corner speakers for the baggage area (3rd unit down)
  • Homemade 10lb CO2 setup
  • Custom drawer system
ExteriorFuture and/or Pending Mods
  • 36” Swamper SXs for off road (to be delivered next week)
  • IPOR rear bumper in the works before CM ‘07
  • J springs or comp springs
  • 315 street tires (4.88s suck with 285s) or maybe a new car :idea:
  • Winch – electric or hydraulic (not PS pump driven) not yet decided
  • 3-link front (LCR4WD)
  • Odyssey battery

Here are some pics

Note: even though they are difficult to see there are many hyper links in here.

Rear lights

Cargo drawers

Pre lift at OK4WD run at Rausch Creek

Make-A-Wish run at Rausch Creek

CMCC 2006 Drum Stick I think

CMCC 2006 its just a cool pic:smokin:

CMCC 2006 Wompum

CMCC 2006 Wompum. This is Mark Woytovich's picture that was supposed to be the December image in Henry Brimmer's calender.
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Jun 20, 2005
Shawnee, KS
Ranski - Randy Braley

My name is Randy and I live in Shawnee, KS with my wife Caroline. We met back in St. Louis while in highschool and both attend UMKC. We have been married 16-years and have a 5-year old son Alex, and a 2-1/2 yearold son Christopher. Both were adopted from Russia.

I work for HNTB Architecture Inc. If I'm not working, I can usually be found outside with the family rock climbing, hiking, camping, mountain biking or working on the 4Runner.

What got me started in wheelin was a trip to Buena Vista, Colorado with the KC Whitewater Club. (This was shortly after I purchased my 00 4Runner) In the campsites next to us were all these modified 4Runners in town to wheel in the nearby mountains. Recognizing that as time passes, motorized assistance in the mountains will be just the thing for me :D

I spent the next two years building up my 00' 4Runner only to realize I would have more fun wheeling a "beater" rather than my daily driver. Thus my decision to sell the 00' and buy my current project for $400.

Year Make and Model:
2006 Sequoia for towin'
1985 4Runner for wheelin' (specs below)

5-speed (w56)
Dual Cases (stock gears)
Marlin Twin Stick
5.29's in diffs
Bobby Long Birfs (27-spline)
Aussie Locker F&R

Suspension/Lift, Wheels/tires:
4" Marlin lift in front
5" Marlin lift in back
33 MTR's

Exterior Enhancements:
Budbuilt Crossmember/skid
Bestop Bikini Top
Front/Rear Bumper, exhaust and frame plating by Techtafab
Warn M8000 winch

#1 - 00' 4Runner at Tuttle
#2 - 85' 4Runner before build
#3 - 85 4Runner now
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Apr 3, 2005
St. Louis
76TOY - Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey, I live east of St. Louis in Edwardsville, IL.
I transplanted here about 3 years ago with my wife Jules.
She grew up up right around the corner.
I have a 14 year old son that lives in Nevada with his mom.

I moved here from Dallas where I got into the cruiser scene.
My wife thinks I have some sort of illness and accuses me of
being a member of a "cult".
I have no idea what she is talking about.

My vehciles:

My daily driver is a 2006 Ford F250 Superduty, 6" lift with 35's.
My wife's daily driver is a 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser, stock for now.
Resto project for my son and I, 1979 FJ40, all stock

Year, Make and Model:

1976 FJ40


350 SBC
SM420, stock T-Case
Locker F & R

Suspension/Lift, Wheels/Tires:

Spring Over lift
37" Swampers for around town
35" BFG Muds for the trails

Interior Enhancements:

Custom bucket seats
Restored rear jumps seats
Full roll cage w/console for stereo, cb and lights

Exterior Enhancements:

Custom F & R bumpers w/rear tire and cooler carrier
Custon sliders
Warn winch
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Aug 4, 2005
Topeka Ks
I live in Topeka married to Kathy ,sons Stephen 21 and Spencer 18. I work at the Goodyear plant.

1978 FJ 40

350 chevy
Holley truck avenger carb
stock 4speed and transfer case
4wheel disc brakes
aussie lockers front and rear
AGR rock box power steering

OME Dakar 2" lift
OME shocks bushings and steering stabalizer
4plus u-bolt flip kit
1.5" over stock shackels
Greaseable bolts
Front shackle reversal
33" Goodyear MTR's

rhino lined
montero bucket seats
roll cage
Tuffy console with Pioneer stereo
Cobra 19 Ultra 3

Dune beige
4" pipe bumpers
FJ45 cab stretched 2"
FJ40 roof cut to fit . Thanks scott
Linexed black
Tinted windows
cool cruisers mirrors
rear fender flares
23 gal confer gas tank
Sep 16, 2004
Emporia, KS
TRAINRECH - Chris Rech
I live in Emporia and am married to Shannon. We have a son - da Coop, and I have 3 daughters - Shelby, Reid, and Aubrey.

1977 FJ40

FJ60 Distributor
Lockrite - Rear
ARB - Front
4 Wheel Disk Brakes

BTB 4" Rear
BTB 2.5" Front w/ BTB Series 1 Shackle Reversal (aka "Rock Finder")
Saginaw Power Steering
Greasable Fixed & Shackle Pins
GY 35x12.50x15 MTR's

Smitty-Built Rear Hoop
Metal Tech Front Profile Kit
CJR Custom Family Hoop in Rear
Tuffy Overhead Console
Hyundai Front Buckets
Amiga Rear Buckets

TJ Flares
Custom Front Bumper
Custom Rear Swingout (on part-time)
Bestop Soft & Bikini Tops

Superwinch S9000
York Onboard Air
Mobi-Arc Onboard Welder
Jan 16, 2005
Kearney, NE
Gary Brandt from Kearney, NE

Married to Janet (97 LX450), Daughters Amanda (87 FJ60) and Emma.

My trail truck is a 1980 FJ40

H41 to Orion (4:1) w/ 4:11's
2 lockrites and Longfields
Rear disks brakes
35" tires
Spends way to much time in the garage.


Aug 2, 2004
Erik Christiansen.. Blue Springs, Mo. Not married and don't receive father's day cards

1976 FJ 40

split case

spring under
small tires

Lots of dirt and broken branches
Occasionally find a lost bit of change

Really scratched up and dented
Mismatched paint
cracked windshield
Jun 7, 2007
Hello, name is Maxim Goralov. I live in Napoleon, Mo. I have a american fiancee'. I'm just getting into the off road market. I am originally from Estonia (Eastern Europe). When we go off-roading in Europe it's usually to get to our "dacha's" (cabin in the woods).

I work with kids at Wentworth Academy in their international dept.

I currently have a 1988 Lada Truck and I'm working on finishing my Lada Jeep. I have shipped both over from Europe and parts here are tough to find. It isn't a Toyota but I don't have the correct finances to purchase such a vehicle.

Here's some info about my truck.
It's been lifted and painted camoflage.
Aug 30, 2005
Brevard, NC
Andrew Franklin of Bonner Springs KS

Married to Kellie, son Aidan (1 yr).

1968 FJ40

Stock F155, 3 speed on floor, 3 speed case, 4.11 gears
2.5" lift springs - unknown manufacturer
Aussie locked rear
33x10.50 Super Swamper Boggers on stock rims/hubcaps
Bobbed front bumper
Bucket front seats - unknown origin

This was my daily driver for 2 years - now it's a toy. It's been neglected recently due to moving and buying/selling houses. I've just recently gotten it up to our new place. I'm hoping to spend some time on it this summer and get it back to pristine running condition.

Sorry for the poser shots - of the group I normally wheel with, I'm the only one that doesn't forget the camera.

Loaded up during a 3 day trek through the Ozark National Forest in NW Arkansas. Do this trip twice a year - it's a blast.

The red cruiser in front is a friends- SOA, 6.2 diesel, locked f/r, 39's, etc. I usually let him be my depth finder.

Jan 22, 2003
Degnol- Ed Long

Erik invited me to join, so blame him;)
I have a '66 FJ40 that began as a Father-and-Son project. How he arrived on an FJ beats the hell out of me. Bought the truck in 2000 for waaaay too much money and have continued on the same tack ever since.

Rebuilt 2F transplanted in 2006, bored, cam, lifters about $1400 worth of machine work and parts.
H42/Orion 4:1 from Poser
4WDB...Monte rears, '77 front end, Corvette non-boosted master
ARBs F/R(Poser again)
Custom Skidplate (uh, Poser)
Aisin Hubs
MetalTech Family Cage with frame tie-ins(Poser installed)
3 1/2" lift, SUA
Hardtop(later than '66) STC soft top
33 x 9.50 BFG MT on stock rims
8274 Warn
Hawkdriver bumper with my mods for the Warn, synthetic rope
Header, SOR 2-piece
'74 F carb....my rebuild
'85 FJ60 Big Cap dizzy
Some other home made s***

Im an old fart (57) with a 23 year old son, a wife, 2 ex-wives, a Brittany, an English Pointer(geriatric) and a friggin' cat
I am a dentist and practice here in Harrisonville and Kansas City.....because my overhead was not high enough with one office:doh:

I hunt a little, fish a little, take a few pics, drink a little and try to enjoy my life. I've been helped by several Mudders with advice, parts and everything else related to LandCruisers.
Much of it has come from TAC members.
Also, I am a wheeling pussy, but getting therapy:beer:

33s 001.jpg
33s 002.jpg
Dawgs 005.jpg
Nov 14, 2004
Kansas City, Missouri
OK, so I sold my 80 that is seen above and needed to update my bio. Didn't know how to add this to an existing post so I added a new one.

Year Make and Model:

  • 2000, Toyota LandCruiser UZJ100
DriveTrain (engine, lockers, gears, tranny, etc.)
  • Factory ATRAC
  • Center Diff Locking Switch
  • 7-pin Mod
Suspension/Lift, Wheels/tires:
  • 866 OME Heavy rear Lift
  • OME Torsion Bars
  • OME Firm Shocks Front/Rear
  • Slee Offroad Diff Drop Kit
  • 285/75/16 BFG AT/KO's
Interior Enhancements:
  • Wired for electric trailer brakes
  • Weather Tech floormats
Exterior/Armor Modifications:
  • ARB Sahara Bar
  • Slee Offroad rear bumper
  • Hella 4000 lights
  • Custom made Sliders
  • Warn 9500 (coming soon)
May 4, 2006

Realized I've been here a little while with no bio. I'm Jason and my wife (Sarah) live in the KC area with two dogs. We've been to a few TLCA and TAC events and love it. And since mine's a daily driver I take it pretty easy :D

I work in a lab for the government, and Sarah's in medicine

Year Make and Model:
· 2001 Toyota Tacoma double cab TRD

DriveTrain (engine, lockers, gears, tranny, etc.)
· Factory Rear Locker
· Cryo'd 4.88s installed
· Rebuilt front axle shafts
· Diff Breathers

Suspension/Lift, Wheels/tires:
· Camburg-front, Alcan leaves-rear
· OME shocks
· 1" Roger Brown BL
· FZJ80 wheels
· 255/85 R16 Maxxis Bighorns

Interior Enhancements:
· Garmin Nuvi 500 with Topo maps
· Scangauge II
· Cobra CB
· Hula girl
· Removable dog deck
· Rechargeable stinger flash light, extinguisher, & cup holders!
· Large First Aid kit

Exterior/Armor Modifications:
· Custom rear tire carrier and cut rear quarters, with Techtafab bling addition
· Front ARB with Warn 8000 & synth rope
· Custom fit sliders
· Budbuilt belly skid
· E-locker skid
· Busted Hopper tool box
· Retractable Soft Topper

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Apr 25, 2009
Overland Park KS
macdadee - Mac Plymale

My Name is Mac Plymale, I live in Overland Park KS (how'd that happen). I live here with my two daughters (10 and 12), and two Labradors with a fiancee (Cassie) in Colorado Springs who also has two daughters (14 and 19). Cassie and I split time between our two homes and make the best of an intersting lifestyle.
I am an outdoor addict who loves to Hunt, Fish, Ski and anything else outdoors. I love to travel and see the world.
I am High Tech Geek with "no" Mechanical background, but a strong will to learn.
I fell in love with Cruisers in my youth, it was nurtured in my many travels to Africa and I finally broke down and bought my own in November.

I have a 79 FJ45 "Troopy" Right hand drive, somewhere along the way converted to an HJ.
While I have just begun to dive into all the mechanic's, I did make the conversion to Front Disc Brakes and slapped on a "Turbo Glide" charger.
At 10K' in CO, the old Diesel left me with a lot to be desired!

This is all new to me. I am looking forward to learning and meeting you somewhere along the way.

Mac Plymale
Sep 16, 2004
Emporia, KS
One word.


Now my son wants one. Welcome! If you have Memorial Day weekend open, we are having a club get together north of KC. Check for a discussion about Weekend at Ashers.

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