T100 Canopy near Seattle?

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Aug 29, 2020
Trying to find a used canopy/camper shell near the Seattle WA area and it turns out it's a real pain. Does anyone know where I should look for a 1st gen Tundra or T100 canopy? Tried the local 'Yota mechanics, the pick 'n' pull, can't track one down. Help?
There’s a place in fife that I’ve seen advertise them but they want $$$. They are a new/used canopy yard right next to the sea ray dealer. There are several canopies that can still be bought new for the T100
I have an 8' one that you can have. Will need some work, dark green. No use for it since I mounted a flatbed.
I’ll keep my eye out as there are a lot of used ones that pop up here in Kitsap county. What’s your budget? Or you could take the scenic ferry over to Orcas.....

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