t-case breather extension

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Feb 1, 2006
Sandy, UT
For those that have done this, whats the best way to extend the breather? I don't want to split the t-case to do this. The little nipple on the stock set up doesn't appear to be long enough to securely attach a hose to. What say you all.
Hehe, no it looks like it doesn't thread in. If I had it apart I could drill and tap it.
It's pressed in. And ya, if you pop that little cap off, the stub that's left is too short to attach a hose.

The only way I've ever seen it done was when the case was apart. Pop it out, tap it to 1/8" NPT, screw in a barbed nipple.
How about finding some replacement tube of the proper diameter that could be pressed in? Then you could put vice grips on the stock one and lever it out. Tap in the new, longer tube and viola! Longer, better nipples to attach to!

It's pressed in. And ya, if you pop that little cap off, the stub that's left is too short to attach a hose.

The only way I've ever seen it done was when the case was apart. Pop it out, tap it to 1/8" NPT, screw in a barbed nipple.

x2. That's what I did.
If the t-case is in the truck now, there is NO room above it to do anything. The stock breather just barely misses hitting the floor pan.
Ok, thanks guys. This might have to be put on hold for another day when the t-case gets rebuilt.
After reading this thread and a few others about oil moving from trans to transfer I decided to see if I could get to the breather without removing the transfer case. Here is what I learned. 1)It is possible to get to the breather by reaching up from the bottom, even enough to pop the cap of the nipple with a 4 or 5 inch screwdriver. 2)You can also reach it through the transmission boot hole, but the way it positions your hand you really cannot do much. 3)There is more room between the body and breather than I had expected, 5 or 6 inches maybe. I wanted to check to see if was clogged. I did not really find out because I hosed the breather off with brake cleaner even before I had the cap off, so everything was completely degreased before I visually could inspect it. It is possible to see the breather from the top after the transmission boot is removed. It also depends on how hard you want to ram you head between the tranny and transfer levers to see down into the whole. The pain is not to bad :crybaby:. Anyways after I had the cap off I pushed a piece of wire into the whole a few times to make sure it was not clogged. I then went back under the truck and pushed the cap back on with some difficulty.

Here is what I was thinking for those that wanted to do an extended breather. After popping the cap off you could drill a small hole into the top of the cap. After you put the cap back on you could then slide the end of a length of hose over the cap that is the proper diameter along with a small clamp. Then run the rest of the hose to wherever you wanted. If you wanted to seal the cap completely you could put some high temperature silicone around the base of the cap with your finger. :hmm:

I know this is not the strongest or best solution but it could work and hold up fairly well for those not wiling to drop the transfer case. Sorry about the length post but I thought it might help those in need :).

Brian J. Hanson
Brian is correct about how much space there is...but only on a 60 series. On a stock 62 it is so tight you want to use an 90 degree barbed fitting. The A440 F pushes the transfer back farther and the floor plan drops.

Thanks Brian, I have to looksee.
Here are some pics of my t-case with he breather installed. I am swapping out my Turbo 400/splitcase combo for a 700R4/splitcase combo. I am looking forward to having an overdrive (my wallet will thank me).
Anyone ever use one of THESE ??

I would think the housings would actually have to "breath" to vent water (condensation) vapor.... Is this true?
I used an elbow with pipe thread and hose barb. I ran the extension up to my firewall. I capped the end with an exhaust muffler I got from mcmaster-carr. I've just got it tied off to other tubes on the firewall for now, but eventually I'm going to bring all my breather tubes up there to a common breather header.
exhaust muffler.JPG
I run mine up to the firewall and put a 99 cent plastic fuel filter on the end of the hose.


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