Synthetic rope question

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Nov 28, 2009
South Mississippi
This weekend I was pulling someone out and my rope broke loose at the winch end where the rope is crimped on. Is there an easy off the shelf connector I could buy? Maybe something that is more secure than a crimped end?

Thanks in advance
The lug at the end was never meant to hold the weight of a pull, it is just there to keep the end tidy. You should ALWAYS have at least 6-7 turns of rope around the winch drum at the very minimum to hold the weight. You can splice synthetic rope if there is enough room on both pieces, but if your lug just pulled off then get another one and crimp it on.
I had roughly 5-6 spools around when it popped loose. I think the rope doesn't have enough grip on the drum. After reading a few threads I am going to try some grip tape around the drum when I re-spool.
Saw a gizmo somewhere for preventing over running your minimum drum line wraps, it was a loop of nylon webbing, about 1 inch wide (or less) that you fed your winch line through for the first 7 or 8 wraps of line. it held it tightly together, so you couldn't accidentally overrun your pull out. Neat idea...
Sounds like a good thing to have, I will google for it.

I bought an electronic lug yesterday and spooled the rope then tested it, worked like a champ.
Another method used on some larger winches is to secure the line to the drum using a u-bolt and leave a long enough tail that it can be layed across the drum and wrapped in underneath your bottom spool.
This is what I do and I've never had a problem on my 8274. I use a 10 foot drum protector that goes around the rope now but didn't before. All I do is use a double clove hitch on it - then thread the rope through a hole in the drum - there is never tension on the rope that goes through the hole - the cloves take it all up. I've pulled down to 4 wraps on the drum, I modified my drum by cutting the old 3" diameter drum out and welded in a new 1.5 inch solid shaft that was 3 inches longer. So now it technically pulls twice as much on the last wraps as the old 3 inch.

Works like a charm - try it out.
I have seen some guys paint a bright color on part of the first 15 feet of rope or so, so when that starts to come out they know to stop winching out to prevent the rope from being un-spooled totally from the drum.

I use a copper electrical lug and JB weld to secure my ropes to the drum. Take lug, fill half way with JB weld and push rope into lug. Let dry overnight. Seems to work fine, but you'll need to find the correct sized lug for your size of rope.

I tried grip tape long ago and the line pulls/wraps so hard that the gritty tape oozed up between the wraps. Made a heck of a mess. You would be better off taking some sandpaper to the drum to give it more traction.


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