Swapping Center Arms????

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Jan 22, 2003
Has anybody out there ever switched the newer style tapered center arm for the old "pin" style? The newer one mounts to the front crossmember as well as the frame horn.
If you could help me on this one and spare the Saginaw argument, I'd really appreciate it.
Ed Long ???
My PO did it. He had to fab a little piece so it would mount on the crossmember. Seems to work alright.
Would that piece look like a wedge or shim that mounts on the crossmember, thick at the bottom and tapering to thin at the top? It would need something like that to mount perpendicular like the old one.
Thanks for not mentioning the unmentionable, Gumby.
Yes it does look like a wedge/tapered shim. It looks like the wedge needs to make a vertical mounting bracket out of the angled crossmember.
That's kinda what I thought. Think I'll drill new holes in the frame horn with the thing perp and eyeball the space to be filled by the shim. Grade 8 bolts and nuts would replace the rivets, eh? I've already got two holes in the frame horn, should I weld a plate over the whole section then drill for the new ones??
Is the shim welded or just a spacer and bolted through?
Sorry about the # of questions, thanks... ???
Ed Long

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