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Here are my two jacks Hester Sue. Thought i would throw them up here. Let me know what you think.
I have an older 40 jack as well if Brent's exhorbitant prices don't work out (or you jsut want to see one in person here in town). Have several newer brown one's too...

mine is disassembled and blasted awaiting paint (and probable sale)
yessir... working great for my daughter. I actually got to drive it again the other day (although it was only because it needed gas :)
I'm about to yank a good running 22re with LCE header. Probably 170k on it with a recent timing set change and a lot of new seals, etc. It's a '94 22re with '85 electronics on it so that it fits with the earlier wiring harness. I should also be able to pull the harness and computer if you're looking to go EFI instead of carb.

Is anyone looking for Tubular FJ40 bumpers? I have a front and rear. $100 for both.



1975 Rear Axle for FJ40 rear drum brakes good overall shape. $150.
1985 Minitruck rear axle housing and axle shafts. Rear axle seals are new. Comes with diff but ring and pinion gears are smoked. $100

Located in Mason City, IA

PM Me if your interested.
My brother lives in Altoona and travels for his job. I will give him the cash this weekend and have him pick them up.

If not we will work something else out.
I'll be in CR for soccer on sat next weekend (the 19th) and could haul for you then...
I sent my phone number to Brent. Eric you have my phone number also. Just let me know what works for everyone. I will meet whoever wherever.
basically new early 90's truck wheels with perfect center caps

nice 84-88 doors $50 for the pair

whatever these are called 15" narrow got them from dingman
$100 have 4 matching tires but my dumba$$ neighbor kids decided to slash 3 could tube them and use them on a farm truck?
come with rear center caps
FJ40 Fibergalss Cap - Cheap!

I have a fiberglass cap that came on a 1980 FJ40. It had been rebuilt using fiberglass and did not fit very well over the doors. My guess is that it was rusted around the drip rail and they rebuilt it. I'm not sure. I will sell it for $50. It looks pretty good but was not usable for the level of restoration I'm going for. It would be fine on a trail truck. Or use the metal front and discard the rest or use it to patch a top that someone put a sunroof in or use it for a family toboggan or very Cruiseriffic beach umbrella. Here's a picture of it on the truck.

515 864 1275

photo 2.jpg
Parting out 1980 FJ40

I have a 1980 FJ40 that has the motor torn apart but there are lots of parts I will not likely need for my project's. The top and some other parts are spoken for. If there is something in particular you're looking for, give me a call and let me know. I'm in Johnston, IA
515 864 1275

Land Cruiser 7.jpg

Land Cruiser 3.jpg

It appears a 1988 FJ62 has just arrived at Wrench and Go in DSM for your picking. Wrench and Go is just like a U-Pull it so you remove the parts and the prices are really low. There isn't a whole lot left but hopefully someone can use some parts off of this beast as they are hard to find especially around here.

Complete axle with factory locker and harness out of my 97 3.4 auto 4runner. No leaks and good brakes.

Also have matching front differential available. $200

looking for 96+ 4runner or possibly awd rav4

if you know of any or have one....we're going to be in the market shortly


thanks guys!

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