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Aug 24, 2019
New Jersey
I have an 06 GX and bought the Ironman 4x4 performance 2-3" nitro-gas lift. I also bought JBA UCA. The ironman shock/struts and airbag delete all arrived, but the UCA's are going to be a little while. Unclear if it will be days, weeks or months. That in mind I also don't have a ton of time, just an afternoon here and there. I'm planning to do the UCA's at the same time as the fronts. That in mind, would it be dangerous to replace the rear shocks and coils now then wait a the couple weeks to do the fronts, once the UCA's arrive?
I would say it’s not dangerous but chances are you’re going to look kinda funny with the rear end up much higher than the front. Also keep in mind that your headlights will be basically pointed at the ground so night driving might be a little bit dangerous I guess. Otherwise I say go for!
I did my UCAs separately, so you can change front coilovers now and do the ucas later.
You're going to be stink buggin if you just install the rears.

Honestly your truck is going to ride perfectly fine with your factory UCA's. I'm currently on a 3'' lift with factory UCA's. I work at a suspension company and we are doing ''before and after'' testing on and off road with stock UCA's. I've done about 12 hours on a road trip at highway speeds and it handled great. off road was no problem as well. Granted your caster and articulation will improve with upgraded UCA's...but I wouldnt but your lift install on the backburner because of it. Life is too short.
You aren’t really touching anything twice by installing the UCAs later aside from jacking the truck up and removing the front wheels.
You will pay alignment twice if you install UCA later. Maybe OK if you don't drive much and fine to drive with jacked up alignment for a bit.
Thanks for all the input. My sittuation is that I have about 3-4 hours free today then another 3-4 hours wednesday, then another 3-4 hours next saturday. Its more time total to do it all separately but my schedule is just too busy to do it all at once. UCAs come wednesday. My Work commute is 10 miles each way with a little highway driving. If I do the rears today, its just 3 days til I get the front shocks in.
If you have prior experience working on suspension on these vehicles, that schedule would be feasible. A rusted or stripped out bolt can add many hours very quickly unless you have experience and the tools to fix it.
Well I sort of did the first stage... I was able to get the airbags out, which was easier than I thought. I cut the air lines so I committed early, lol. That in mind the bags turned out being ok and had a good amount of air in them. I was able to get the ironman performance springs in with the metal tech airbag delete kits. I removed the rear anti-roll bar and found it was easiest to get the springs in by pre-assembling the metal tech airbag delete then bolting it up to the axle. I couldn't find any torque specs so I just did as tight as possible without stripping. I tried to take the shocks off, but they were really stuck in there. I tried an oscillating saw but the blades went flat in seconds against those hardened bolts. I'm going to buy a torch and hope that works. That in mind, the front bolts are stuck too, so I think I can knock out the fronts, UCAs and read shocks in one 3-4 hour session. I'm a little nervous about torching the front bolts as they're so close to some of rubber in the engine bay when I last looked at it.

As for having the rear only lifted, well the headlights point fairly far down, but not too bad. The RedBull F1 style rake is kinda cool, lol. It rides way better with the ironman springs in the back compared to the airbags and should only get better when the fronts are done.
I just installed the front Ironman struts and the JBA UCAs. It took me 7 hours but I was fighting a fair amount of rust and for some reason thought I needed to take of the top main strut bolt, instead of the 3 top bolts, which wasted an hour... Either way it's on, torqued and greased. All that in mind while trying to loosen the sway bar to get the passenger side strut off, I broke off the front bolt then found that the rear bolt had been jerry rigged by a PO. It was a bolt that they somehow placed inside the frame then synched the sway bar attachment with a nut. It was all loose enough that the passenger side of the sway bar came loose and I was able to complete the job. I'm assuming I have to cut that bolt, then drill and tap 2 new sites for the sway bar attachment... Is that right or should I look elsewhere? Also debating about asking whichever shop I go to for alignment to do it. At this point just want it all fixed.

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