Super Clean 2003 non/ARC or Higher Mileage 2006?

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Dec 3, 2017
Baltimore, MD
I'm deep into my hunt for the perfect LC and have found two that are interesting. Both basically the same price and distance from my house so that all equals out.

The 2003 is a super clean one owner, full toyota dealer history serviced and non-ARC car for sale at a Toyota dealer even.

The 2006 has 20k more miles and basically no service history but otherwise a clean carfax. For sale at a generic used car lot in NJ.

I'm still waiting on underbody pics on both to see what rust if any lurks underneath both as you all have taught me rust is likely the biggest killers of LCs!

I can't decide if the more powerful motor of the 2006 is worth passing up on the super clean 2003 with the great history or not. And is the ARC a good thing if it's currently working or am I dodging a bullet by not getting it and avoiding the future repair bills on it.

If it matter my intended use of the LC is a 90 mile backroad including a few miles of dirt and HW commute a couple times a week. Some dirt road exploring and camping on the weekends and maybe a couple 1000-1500 mile trips every year.

Appreciate any wisdom from the group.
I'd probably go the older, clean one owner truck. The price different should be pretty decent and the mileage and power difference won't be night and day difference. (I can't imagine anyway) IF the AHC is working, stick with it untill it takes a dump, which may never happen. If it does, then any lift kit with springs and shocks will eliminate all of it. Not a big deal. I'd also rather buy from a person, than a dealer.
The price point between the 03 and 06 is usually pretty great (to me). One seems overpriced or the other under, I'd try to see both to see why.

Make sure you check out with the VIN to see if there is a service history there.
I've read too many posts about problems with AHC to know that I don't want to own one given that I live in the snow belt and use my LC extensively to get to the mountains. It's an expensive system to repair and/or replace if/when the time comes. I refreshed the shocks and springs on my '03 this Summer with OEM Toyota and OME 865s for under $300.

If the '03 is uber clean with strong service history and you can get a good deal, I wouldn't hesitate to jump on that.
I'd pass, that's just what you can see!
where in NJ..personally pass "F" any kind of rust it'll just make you miserable
i'm probably sure of where to look for rust on the body..look under the rear bumper corners all bottom of doors and if i'd do it again..spend the $$ for an out west truck you can prevent rust not stop it!
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Pass. And next time I’d take the clean older one with good service history. Maintained these will last forever. Not maintained.... they won’t.

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