Suggestions for Electrical Noise Gremlin / After quick disconnect mod (1 Viewer)

Mar 18, 2007
Dallas, TX
I am hoping someone has an idea on the direction I should head in on this. I have a static noise coming through all speakers on my '97 LX450 when the headlights are on. Here is what I did that resulted in this:

1) Installed battery terminal connectors on 4 gauge wire.

2) Connected positive and negative 4 gauge cables to Odyssey 1700
battery. Put these right on top of the connectors for the winch cable.

3) Ran cables though the hole below the dash, into the drivers dash side, and down to the dead pedal area.

4) Installed one of these breakaway diconnect adaptors. . (in case you are wondering, I use this to attach inverter, air, and other 12 volt accessories to, without having to mount them internally or run a lot of wire.

5) Powered on an notices that when the headlights are on, there is a static noise coming through the stereo . Regardless of whether the engine is on. You can still hear the music but this is noticable. It is on all speakers and the volume of the static is constant, regardless of the volume of the music.

6) Disconnected the 4 gauge wire I just connected to see if that would fix the problem. It did not... Noise is still there. Tried to jiggle all wires. And noise is still there.

Any suggestions on what I should try now?


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