Stock type replacement springs for 85 truck?

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Jan 13, 2011
Corrales, NM / Las Vegas, NV
Looking for springs for my 85. Not really looking for a lot of lift. Don't really like the look of the OME springs. Too much rake in the rear. Not sure if they settle down much after time. I do have a cap and class 3 hitch plus other cargo so maybe they would sit level? Currently run 235/75/15 tires and would only go to 30s when I need tires again. Any ideas for springs?
Well it may be kinda hard finding stock height springs but what's wrong with OMEs? They have been around forever and have lots of good reviews. If you don't like the amount of lift you could pull out a leaf in the rear. In fact I think they even mention that as an option. What's wrong with the stock springs?
A lot of what Ive read online talks about the rake in the rear. I thought about taking out a rear leaf though. The stock springs are original with 175k miles on them. Probably a little tired by now. Maybe they're fine though.
They're just broke in. Try new shocks, you'll be amazed. You don't need crazy, just some standard oil-filled ones. I had an 84 pickup 4x4 a while back rode like crap. Put on a set of Rancho 5000s thought it was a new truck.
Funny you mention shocks. I just put on a set of rs5000s in the rear this past weekend. Havent driven it yet since. Maybe I'll do the fronts too. That might make the ride a little better.
I have a set of old Downey rear springs. They have a lot of arch which makes them a challenge to install, but on my 4Runner they settled down to about 2" lift. You can have them. I don't think I have the fronts anymore. I would need to look.

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