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Mar 27, 2003
Anyone here an audiophile, specifically receivers?

I have a very ancient Mitsubishi receiver that's been great for 20+ years hooked up to Bose Acoustimass cube speakers about the same age (two pair for a basic surround system), a center channel speaker and a powered subwoofer (because I like bass and the two Bose subwoofers are hidden and ineffective).

I'd had my old Cox remote programmed to operate this receiver, but the new remote doesn't even have a code for it because it's so darned old! That and the surround sound is not as effective as 'I assume' newer receivers are with the flat panel TV sound out today. True?

Hate to admit it, but about the only time we use the receiver any more with the TV is for The Voice and even that surround is not as good as we'd like.

Is my assumption of better surround technology from a receiver that's not 20+ years old hooked up to a fairly new flat panel going to be better? Bose is still making the Acoustimass speakers, and I think mine are still fine as they sound good playing CD's. They are wired - I've got the speaker wire running in the ceiling. I know today's surround systems seem to be bluetooth eliminating the need for wiring.

I don't want to spend a lot of $$ on a receiver with more bells and whistles than I need as my use is basic.

Suppose my best bet is to visit Reel Time in Dana Point if they are still in business!

Any info, recommendations?
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did you say the Voice?

(yes that was morse code)
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did you say the Voice?

(yes that was morse code)

SOS - my wife :princess: and daughter :flamingo: got me hooked! Guilty as charged! o_O
If you don't want to spend a lot of money your best bet would be to get a sound bar with subwoofer package and I believe you just connect that to your TV and a receiver won't even be needed. I believe it is powered by the sub. Plus you will be able to play any music off any Bluetooth device.

P.S. Next time say you only use surround sound for The Masters
RE: The Masters - Nah! I'm sick of that CBS soundtrack! Puts me to sleep.
how much are you looking to spend on a receiver? marantz makes pretty decent equipment...but spend a little more and get a will be worth your while!

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