Steering geometry

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May 28, 2002
What is the optimal configuration for the drag link to tie rod postions. I currently have ~6" between the end of the pitman arm to the tie rod when the wheels are straight. If I shorten this by 3-3.5" would I experience any issues?
GM Saginaw steering setup? I think I know what you mean, but need a tad more info....
Yep, Saginaw.
so what you want to do is change the length of the pitman arm?

I did some testing on my rig with the histeer arms and SOAm with my Scout steering. I found that the length of the pitman arm should be about 1/2" longer center to center versus the center to center measurement of the steering arm....much less and you don't get full axle movement, much more and you don't get full steering box movement.

It "should" be exact, but my suspension shifts enuf that I lost turning radius when it was the same.

Texican has explained this well before....hopefully he posts up....
I am acutaly thinking about moving the front axle forward (reversing the spring). I have tried several pitman arms, and currently have a 2" drop from a cherokee. I have 4.25 turns LTL. If I move my axle, I should have about 2.5" between them.

If I did my measuring and math correctly.
aaahhhh....reversing the packs will move the axle 3.5" ahead...if that's too much, you could also just redrill the perch and u-bolt plate to move the axle less, either before or after the spring reversal...
As long as the pitman/drag link stays in front of the tie rod, I should be okay, right?
exactly....honestly, being closer is better, so long as the drag stays ahead of the tie so there is no contact issues.

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