Steering gear issues, help please.

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Aug 25, 2009
So on the drive home in the new to me 80, I noticed it wandered a little. I took it in for an alignment and was told that the front wheel bearings had a lot of play. So I tore into those and found they were in great shape. They just need some grease and to be retorqued. It still wandered. I measured the play in the steering wheel. It was some where between 1.5 and 1.75. I was able to give the adjusting screw 2 full turns and it came down to .75" of play. I would like to get it even lower but the screw will not turn clockwise anymore. And yes, the lock nut was backed off. And it still wanders some. Not quite as much but it is still there. Does anyone have any ideas? Should I be able to get rid of all the play?
You may need to rebuild your steering box. There are other areas that could cause the play in the wheel without it being the box, such as the joint between the steering wheel and the box.

I would be very careful with adjusting the screw on the box. If you go too far, you can damage your box and with a $2k replacement cost it not a cheap fix.

Both my trucks have a little play in the steering wheel, neither wander. A bit of play is normal for the age of the vehicle.

Have you troubleshooted other areas? Checked your alignment? Rotated and balanced the tires?
Thanks, it is going back in to the alignment shop on monday. I will dig into it a little more this weekend.

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