Sta Lube Moly-Graph? crc product

Sep 7, 2005
Could only find stay lube moly graph locally for the birf rebuild. THey are appart now. Do i order synthetic grease for the rebuild or just put it together with dino?

Moly Graph (CRC product sold under the name Sta-Lube) is what the Toyota dealer (local) was selling for the birf rebuild. Anyone use that product and is there much difference from one dino product to the next. Wanna get them back together before the freamin' things start getting rust in my garage but want to do it once....right. Should I run out and get all synthetic and if so what brand?

Thanks for the hand holding here. Seems my OCD is working over time this week.
Apr 29, 2003
Read the back of the package or tube. If it says moly-fortified that is what you want. Use that in your knuckle and in the birf. Also get regular wheel bearing grease for the bearings.

The only Moly grease I could find was a Valvoline product. Found mine at Autozone...might try O'Rielly's or Advanced Auto Parts...what ever you have there in Maine.

Good luck.


You want to do what...?
Sep 21, 2003
I think one way to look at this could be:

- is synth really better than dino? I don't know. Most folks here seem to think it is, so probably it is.
- is synth worse than dino? Never read that folks seem to think so here. So likely not.
- is synth more expensive than dino? I'm sure it is.

- is it worth it going to the trouble of getting and paying for synth for the Birf job?
Well, if it's $10 more but it takes me 2 days to do the job and I don't want to do it again for 10 years, I"d say yes, it 's worth the $10 and trouble so I reduce the chances of having to open it up again before 10 years!!

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