Sputtering, stalling... then won't start at all - Fixed

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Jun 22, 2005
Posting this after the fact in case someday, someone has happen what just happened to my 100... you'll think "Wait! I saw a post on this!" And, a search will make your day a lot better.

After moving my daughter from one apartment to another (at UGA), I went to start the 100 to head home. Nope. It just sputtered... fluttered... faltered and stalled... several times. Didn't panic yet. I let it rest a few minutes and tried again. Same result. I disconnected the battery in hopes of resetting even more (come, there's a chance). Nope. Same result. Now I'm concerned. 60 miles from home, trailer connected, middle of parking lot... There's no easy tow out of this mess.

I called Dugan at ACC Garage. I know he's good... I'm hoping he's magic. He said "There's one thing it could be that you could fix there with minimal tools - Pull the air box and intake tube from the throttle body, see if there's some black build-up around the butterfly... If there is, you're in luck - that's likely the problem." There was lots of black *&#@. I kept wiping and wiping where the butterfly seats... till it seemed clean. Reassembled everything - and Vroom! Running like new!

One of those "This is too easy - can't work" fixes that worked!

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