spring clip retainer on 80 series front

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Feb 3, 2006
Millfield Australia
Hi just joined this forum and been using the search to try and find an answer to this unsuccusfully.
I decided to rebuild the front hubs and replace the pinion seal today as I like mud and I wanted to see if there was much in there.
It wasn't to bad but the diff oil seemed to have some water in it.
I am now having trouble putting the spring retainer on the end of the outer spline. It seems the shaft is not comming out far enough to get it on.I have used a bolt to pull it out but still its not enough.
Hope someone has an answer as there is nothing in the book to help.

Thanks Dave
Have you taken it back apart? It almost sounds like something might have been put together in the wrong order or you added something? Is the rotor on all the way, did you put in new bearings.
I would tear into it and see if its all in order.
Good luck
I can't be sure from your post as the terms you used have different meanings usually.

So I think you did an axle job and can't get one of the outer snap rings to seat in the groove of the birfield stub axle. If this is correct and you did both sides, here in the US there are 2 different length birfields that were used during the production years. Instead of hubs we have drive flanges and these flanges are a different thickness for each length birfield. If by chance that is the same over there and you have one of each length birf in your trcuck then you might also have one of each different hub. You might try swapping the hubs side to side and see if they both now go on.
the outer stub axle is threaded. screw it, and pull on it....

snicker snicker
Vitesse_6 said:
:idea: Recheck post #4 and 5 :D
right, but if its his first time, he may not know the bolt trick. You didn't mention that . Thats all.
yeah ha,:D got it to go on:D:D:D. I had to tighten the bearing nuts up til it wouldn't turn then back it off and spin it a few times as per FAQ front axle. I didn't think I should do it that tight as it might damage the bearing, but it's in and I will check it in a day or so.
Thanks for all your advice and time I checked the size of the drive flanges as the previous owner had been in there (screwdriver marks on the bearing nut) but the are the same each side.

Thanks again Dave:cheers:

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