Split t-case & h42

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I'll check out what the prices might be. I think Georg mentioned he shipped an h42 by freight for $80(?). I can't remember. Let me contact Yellow Freight. I think they are the cheapest. I'll probably send it strapped to a pallet. Montana isn't that far so it should cost less. I'm not exactly sure about the weight of an h42 but I'll look that up too.

:beer: Chad
Well, if the h42 weighs 150 lbs or less than I can get it shipped to Billings for $100 - $120. If it weighs closer to 200 lbs than I have to send it freight. Lowest freight cost I can find is $275.

I'm still waiting on getting my h41 from Georg although I think it is now pulled. I haven't been in a big hurry. Once I get the h41, I'll pull the h42 and split apart the t-case. I'll then have a better idea of what the h42 weighs and therefore the cost of shipment. I did post in MUD-ship. Perhaps the graces will descend.

pm'd you on tranny. thanks.
I'm headed through the sacramento area on 5/31. If you still have this and want to sell it please PM me.

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