speedometer generator

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Jan 8, 2003
I have an early 1976 FJ40. I am replacing the odometer and trying to fix a jumpy speedometer. I ordered a long speedo cable and when I went to put it in, I find this generator thing on the firewall. I can't find any documentation on what the generator does (except a picture on SOR), whether its important, or why I can't just bypass it. I have seen a few postings on the subject but nothing that addresses the purpose of the generator. Anyone kopw about this, and whethe its OK to just bypass it with a long cable?
I had one on my late '75 FJ40 as well. I am fairly confident that it was just used for emission contol. I took mine off and used a cable that went directly into the instrument cluster. If I remember correctly, the ratio was 1:1 for the device, so it doesn't matter if you have it. Of course, I assume that you have (or will) eliminate the emission control accessories.

There may be something different with the instrument cluster speedo gearing, but I don't know enough about the breakpoints for the different instrument clusters. There probably is someone that reads the forum that can tell you.

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