Speaker upgrades - wire and amp q's

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Jan 8, 2004
Emerald City
Hey guys - have my interior torn out doing Damplifier install (in sig). Was wondering if you guys had experience w/ running better wire (thinking of either voodoo 16 awg, or 12 awg from VH Audio). From my tuffy - how much would i need? 4 door speakers, and hopefully 2 subs in rear quarters (10"'s if they will fit).

Thinking of running a 4ch amp for door speakers (front 6.5" components, rears 5.25 or 6.5 non-components). Then I'm unsure how to amp for two subs. One amp (since usually mono) for both? Or do i need two amps (one for each)?

I am not sold on any particular speakers, or amp yet. Mostly want to know how much wire to get (including run from head to amps), and best way to setup two subs in the back.

And (nearly forgot) - best places to put amps? Under D or P seat? or in rear panels (airflow when sealed up ok?)?

Lots of questions - thanks for any suggestions and help!

Hey Rob

I am in the process of putting a system in my rig and I have been talking to a buddy of mine that works for Car Toys and here is what he has taught me.

I have pretty much everything I am going to install but haven't yet but here's my plan. Maybe you can get some ideas.

I bought a Pioneer DEH510UB deck it is Ipod HD Satellite Bluetooth ready plus it has a USB port
5.25 Infinity Kapa speakers for the front doors and 6x9 Kapa's for the back (components)
Alpine MRP-F300 4 channel amp that I will use to push the speakers and I also have a Kenwood 2 channel amp channel amp that I am going to use to push the sub and maybe another set if 5.25 pioneer speakers that I have also.
The sub I am going to go with a JL Audio. 12" but I plan on building a rear cargo box in the rear and I am going to incorporate the sub box within it and also the 6x9's in the rear.
I want to build an enclosure behind the rear seat that I can mount my 2 amps and sub in and make to where I can open the top when I need to get to them and have locks on the top for when the top is closed. Hope that makes sense. As far as amp kits RCA cables etc. I am going with a 8ga to my amps. (If I only run 1 sub I will just use 10ga for the 2ch amp) but am going to use a semi high quality wires. Streetwires or better. The quality of the wires could make a difference. What I am told anyway. Im no pro but I just wanted to give you something to go on I plan on starting a thread when I start my install.

Hope this helps in some way
Good luck!
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You really need to figure out where you're putting everything before you go buying wire. I mounted my amps in the rear PS cargo panel, and I've had NO issues. The air vents for the whole interior are just behind the rear slider windows, so plenty of airflow through there, I think. Especially if you remove the little cargo cubby and the stock amp/sub.

I ran 12ga. Monster speaker wire. Not because I really like MC stuff that much, but I just really like the insulated covering for running through the existing door wire looms. It is just the right stiffness, just the right amount of flatness to fit around the other stuff in the loom, and it doesn't have a clear, shiny, tacky finish like so many others do these days. Whatever you decide on, don't buy the pre-packaged stuff. Go to a good installer and buy it off the rolls. Much cheaper.

Also, FWIW, I don't think most of the good amps you'd really want to run will fit well under the DS seat. Maybe if you have the cloth/manual seats, but not with the leather/elec. seats.

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