Spare tire holder

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Dec 7, 2018
Anyone tried the below as a less expensive option over the Wilco.

Kuat Pivot Swing Away Extension Black, 2in Amazon product

The previous owner put a twin exhaust and Reese tow package on my 80, so no room underneath and tow package may have to be removed if I went for full rear bumper set.
been contemplating this myself for awhile. the wilco costs so much, it's hard to justify over a full armored bumper. I thought I saw someone on here mention that the Kuat isn't strong enough for offroad use, but hope to hear otherwise. subscribed to thread.
I think most aftermarket bumpers with a swing out also come with an integrated receiver hitch
for towing, so you probably wouldn't need your tow package if you got a whole new bumper. I have towed my friends boat and a 2000 lb trailer a few times with my 4x4 labs rear bumper and it has worked great.
Yes. Would love the 4x4 labs option but with shipping over $1300 more. I need a front bumper too, so need to watch the pennies
Looks like the Kuat is made to carry a couple of bikes or skis or something. Your spare and a mounting bracket is going to be heavier than a pair of bikes. How much heavier, and if it'll matter, I don't know. My suspicion is that the Kuat isn't up to the task of carrying a spare Cruiser tire, but if you try it out let us know.
Not sure of your goal? Are you moving it from underneath due to ground clearance while wheeling? What size tire are you dealing with here?
Spare with truck was too small and cracked. New one is 31.5" diameter and doesnt fit underneath as there is a custom exhaust there ( i may change exhaust, another post on this). Dont want it in the cabin, so need to find another way. Trying not to get a whole rear bumper just for spare. No roofrack
Fix the exhaust and keep it where it was designed to go. It will be a better and cheaper solution.

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