For Sale South Bend - BFG KO2 LT275/70R-18 (33") - Buy 2 Get 2 FREE!

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Apr 6, 2019
Walnut Creek, CA

Fits Series 100 Landcruiser without any mods (no lift). No rubbing. Also a mild + mod for Toyota Tundra/Sequoia with 18" wheels. Possible aggressive fit for 4Runner with 18" wheels.

Tire Date Code 2918 (2018 week 29)

These tires came on my 2006 LandCruiser when I bought it in 2019. I’m looking to switch back to the stock size (I do almost all highway driving). I have two used tires in good condition and two that are unevenly worn.

I’m asking $335 for the two good used tires, plus I’ll add the two extra worn spare tires FREE.

Size Load KO2.jpg

Tires are on my truck now, but I plan to get new tires in the next 10 days or so. I can meet at my storage in the South Bend area (US-20 and IN-331).

DR FT KO2.jpg

PAS FT KO2.jpg

Two tires have about 2/3 tread life left. Treadwear is mostly even (see photos).

PAS RR KO2.jpg
DR RR KO2.jpg

Two tires have at least 1/8” on inside (raised white letter side), but are worn down to between 3/32 just outboard of center and 1/16 or less on the edge (black letter side). YOU GET THESE TIRES FREE. They are suited as spare tires only. Having them is a big advantage since otherwise your spare tire will be two small and cause major handling problems and stress to the differentials if you need to use it.

If you want to run 33” tires on your truck, just buy 2 new KO2’s, pair with the two good used tires, and choose one of the worn tires as a spare. The second can be kept as an emergency spare.

Instead of spending $1410 plus tax on 5 new tires, spend $335 on these tires and $564 at the Tire Rack (or wherever you want) and have 5 33” KO2’s plus one emergency spare for UNDER $900.

REACH ME: Mud PM, cinematechnic [at] m a c (dot) c o m, text 7 8 6 * 5 8 6 • 1 2 1 0

TERMS: Cash preferred, I can take PayPal (from verified account) for a deposit.
If you need me to meet you outside of the South Bend, IN area, I will require a $100 deposit via PayPal. I will consider meeting in the area between South Bend and Chicago, IL

WHERE: My preferred meeting location is at my storage in Mishawaka, IN, at the junction of US-20 and IN-331

Tire Specifications:
Diameter 33.2 in
Max load 3640 lbs
Max pressure: 80 PSI
New tread is 0.469 in
Weight: 57 lbs
Rim range: 7 - 8.5” wide
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Tires will be available tomorrow (January 20) after 6 PM. Price is negotiable as long as payment is cash.

I'll get some better photos and accurate tread depth measurements and update the ad after tomorrow.
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KO2 tires are unmounted and available NOW - Location Mishawaka, IL 46544 (US-20 & IN-331)
PRICE REDUCED: $299 for 2 good tires + two spares FREE

Tread depth measurements (in 32nds of an inch and % total tread)
Two good tires: 9.0 to 9.5/32 tread depth, = 60 - 67% tread remaining, wear is even within about 1/32
Unevenly worn tire 1 (FREE) 4.0 - 9/32, = 25 - 60% tread, worn side is black letter side
Unevenly worn tire 2 (FREE) 2.5 - 9/32, = 15 - 60% tread, worn side is black letter side

Measurements taken with a SPI precision tread depth measuring tool, accurate to 0.001 in.

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